Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tantrums and sand...they don't mix

Ahhhh...the joys of a toddler.

Setting: blazing hot Florida parking lot

Problem: Nora wanted a specific sand bucket amidst a plethora of sand buckets. When she was not given the one she had her eye on, she lost it. And, I lost it.

Solution: Took beach towel out of beach bag and threw it down on asphalt (which was the temperature of molten lava by the way). Made Nora sit on it until she quit screaming...which she didn't. Everyone else in our group had already walked to the beach, leaving us to deal with each other. About 10 minutes passed and I yanked her up and we took off for the super fun beach.

Problem: She screamed and cried the whole way to the beach. She also kept begging me not to hold her hand. I guess I had a tight grip on it.

Solution: When we finally arrived at our destination, I made (threw) her sit in the tent we had set up until she quit crying. She is lucky I didn't make her sit on the bottom of the ocean until she had quit. I was about at my limit with understand, right?

After about 10 minutes of thrashing around in the sand, she told me she was all done crying. And, being the excellent mother that I am, I took pictures. Here they are.
She is all done crying in the next two pictures but I felt it was necessary to document how sandy she was...and she hadn't done any actual playing yet.

And in this picture, we are friends again...just a mere 5 minutes after the tantrum.

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Kim said...

Ahh, the joys of motherhood. Always good to be friends again, though!

The Browns said...

LOL Hilarious - I totally feel your pain, I could feel myself stessing out with you!! She is so sweet in the last pic with the glasses!!

Laura said...

I am tired FOR you, Dallas! Whew!

Whitney said...

Hilarious! Wow- that was quite a tantrum, she is just one big sandy mess!

Brittney said...

That is so funny! I often think that Nora and Jillian are a lot alike. Jillian totally does this exact thing OFTEN!!!!! Like 20 times a day. I always tell Seth that it must really suck to cry 55 times in one day...the headaches that would cause!!! It is annoying and I am ready for her to grow out of this stage. But, until then, I just keep on spankin!!!!!

Danielle Balentine said...

You made me laugh out loud. What joys. The sand pictures are hilarious. I can't imagine how much sand Nora was probably chomping on in her mouth after that. I'm glad you made up and are friends again. It's funny how it never matters how mean we think we are, they always still want us and love us. We miss you guys. See you soon.

Misti said...

I have never laughed so hard! I can't wait to see you guys and experience all of this first hand!

Jenn said...

AHHH, parenthood. Keep it up, gal. You are doing a great job! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

thats hilarious. i love that you took those pics you'll both look back one day, and laugh!

Chandra said...

Oh man, tantrums are the worst. My dad used to say "He's going down!" when a new one would strike because he would throw himself on the floor, but he would make sure he was on carpet instead of tile, and he would still dramatically throw himself on the floor and then lay his head down gently. Well planned, those tantrums. Once my neighbor heard him screaming while she was on her porch. Lovely.

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