Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What I have dreaded has begun

***Updated to add: Several of you have asked me what book I use. It was recommended by a friend (shout out to Danielle) who used it with her daughter and it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, we have not experienced the same stellar results that she had (FIVE accidents already today...I may lose my mind!). Anyway the book is Toilet Training in Less Than a Day. It was originally published in 1974. Some of the language is old-fashioned and the drawings are rather outdated, but it's still a good book. Although, I think I will use a Sharpie to change the name of mine to: Toilet Training in a Week...Please God, just a week!***

I never have understood why some parents are so eager to potty-train their children. It makes NO sense to me. Don't they realize how much easier it is to keep the kid in diapers?

The only thinking ahead that is required with diapers is "did I put one in the diaper bag?".

When potty training, you have to think "Okay, if she goes to the potty immediately before we leave to go (insert location) then when we get there, I can rush her to the bathroom and hopefully we will avert any accidents".

Then, while at said location, you are constantly on your toes, checking your watch, asking your child, "Do you have to go to the potty?" one million times, watching for the "tee-tee dance".

And then, before you leave, you have to go to the bathroom, pray for SOMETHING to come out, and then rush home before a wet carseat has to be cleaned.

Sigh. It's exhausting just typing it.

Well, today was potty-training day number one at our house. And really, potty-training did not even begin until 4:30pm.

BUT, during the 4 hour time frame before bed, Nora tee-teed in the potty 4 times (each success rewarded with a peanut butter M&M...tomorrow, she is rewarded with stickers...I don't want to cause childhood obesity with potty-training) and had 1 accident. And, I'm not so sure she would have had the accident had she been indoors.

She was playing outside with Matthew and got to laughing really hard and just couldn't control her bladder. At least the accident was outside!

Even though she was laughing hysterically and probably would have wet all over herself even if she had been potty-trained for a year, we still went through the steps that our book told us to go through.

We (Matthew) made her walk from the site of the accident to her potty 6 times (the book says to do it 10), telling her the whole way, "We tee-tee in the potty, not on the grass". She was crying by the end of it. I'm sure this won't be the last time we do the "potty walk".

So, it's begun. She will be 2 1/2 this month and has shown some interest sporadically.

Maybe my days of buying size 3 and 4 diapers are drawing to a close.

But, it's easier.

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Summer said...

Stay strong. The potty-training will pay off! Thanks for the humorous spin on a not so fun topic!!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

So what size, cute little panties can I buy her? I can't wait. I am so excited.

Elizabeth said...

You can do! Don't give up!

Brittney said...

WHat is the book? I need a good one. I have all the prizes and M&M's ready...just haven't made myself start yet!!!! Jillian is just 25 months, but I am SOOOO over wiping a big girl bottom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, sista!! We did the "naked kid-stay-at-home" approach with Ethan...worked good for him. We waited until he was 2.5. Addie wanted to be in big girl panties at 2 and it took her forever. I agree...diapers are sooo much easier! Don't stress and know that she won't go to kindergarten in diapers, right?? I will call you soon.
Love you, Leslie :)

Kim said...

That's hilarious and so true. I'm living in denial with potty training Jackson-the mere thought of it is exhausting.

Buck Rogers said...

WOW! We started and then stopped. Hopefully after we move (not that you know me) and then we'll start. Waht book did you use?

Mary Jo said...

Good luck!!! I fought long and hard with one and it was a snap with the other. Just know that I am convinced it isn't YOU ( the parent) or your specific tactics. They are either ready or they aren't. Rare is the child that falls out of that category. Just my two cents. I am dreading Landon already! Hey, HE is wearing size 4's!!! How funny! Hope it is a wonderfully successful week! MJ

Danielle Balentine said...

Keep it up, you can do it! Just a few hints that worked really well for us. Be sure that you have some kind of snack that is salty or sweet so that she will keep drinking during the heavy (stay at home) potty training time. Also, we took a potty with us everywhere we went in the back of the truck. That way if that moment arose in which she did have to go in the car, we were prepared and we could pull off the road right then and there. Also, be sure to emphasize the question "are you dry?" instead of do you have to go potty? That way it makes her accountable for making sure her panties are dry. Call me anytime and I will help. I meant to tell you that if you need me to keep Ellen for a day, I can. That way you can spend one on one time with Nora. Good luck!

Danna Ramsey said...

right there with you. Sophie was easy, so therefore I was an awesome "potty-trainer", am I right? No, I am so wrong. Mads will wear diapers til she is ready for Depends, I just know it.

Rachel said...

Good Luck!! I loathed potty training and am dreading it with O!! But when I look at Claire now, I laugh at how stressed I was then, so one day you will too=). BTW - I can't remember the last time I bought size 3/4 diapers, OWEN IS IN A SIZE 6!!!

Sara said...

I dreaded potty training as well. After an unsuccessful attempt with Laura when she was 2 1/2, I stopped and waited till she was closer to turning 3. My pediatricians advice which I loved was if you start too soon you'll be frustrated for a long time or if you wait till their closer to 3 you'll get it done in a week. Waiting worked for us and took much less time! Good luck!

Dallas said...

As a mom who has now changed diapers for 8 years(with no breaks)...and trained 3 boys...my advice is not to sweat it. Wait until she is really ready and it is a snap. All of my big boys did it on their own and we never looked back.
However as a mom who has been changing diapers for 8 years...I feel your pain!!
Hang in there!

Scott and Stefanie said...

For some your RSS feed is a little screwy. Have all of your friends try linking to you through this instead: http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/vQPM

Good luck on the whole potty training thing. Hopefully, that is a long way off for us.

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