Monday, September 08, 2008

Bernard Pollard, how could you?

Report: Brady has major knee damage: Patriots QB Tom Brady
left the club's Week 1 game vs. Kansas City with a left knee injury after he was
hit by Chiefs DB Bernard Pollard and fell to the ground awkwardly. Yahoo! Sports and Peter King of Sports Illustrated are reporting Sunday night that Brady has major ligament damage in his knee, possibly a torn ACL. Before the injury, Brady had completed 7-of-11 passes for 76 yards before leaving. Brady was helped off the field and into the club's locker room, not walking under his own power. He did not return
to the game as Matt Cassel took over. Pats head coach Bill Belichick didn't have an update after the game. An official word might come tomorrow.

Now, normally, I wouldn't care about anything like this. I mean, sure, I'd be sad not to see handsome Tom Brady in his uniform, but my sadness goes beyond that.

Why do I care so much? Stay tuned to find out...

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Kim said...

You got that right! (about the Razorbacks) I watched the miserable look on Jordan's face the entire game, but the smile after that last point was worth it!
It's gonna be a long year!

Scott said...

You didn't just lose your fantasy football quarterback, did you?

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