Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out of the loop...and I'm okay with that

I was recently made fun of by a friend of mine, Nicola.

On my status update on Facebook, I had written something like, "I am listening to "Hey Ya!" by Outkast and dancing.". Nicola chastised me by answering my status update with, "2002 called and they want their song back".

Funny Nicola.

You're still my friend though. Lucky girl!

But let me tell you, the BEST running song is "Hey Ya!". I was running today and a little winded and that song came up on my ipod (although we all know that it is not really an ipod, but I write "ipod" just to make it easier on my're welcome) and I couldn't help but "shake it like a Polaroid picture"!

So, if you are a runner and you don't have this song on your running playlist, add it today! It makes the run more enjoyable, I promise!

But, I'm sure it's been on your playlist since 2002. Like Nicola.

I have just spent the past 3 years listening to "Itsy Bitsy Spider". I'm out of the loop!

By the way, "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is NOT a good running song.

What's your favorite running song?

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Kim said...

You are so funny. That is a great feel good/energizing song. I am no runner, though. However, I'm outing my husband today, here on this very blog. Jordan, insists that Celtic Women songs, not fast upbeat ones, are what does energizes him to finish the run! So, there it is. It's out there. (And, yes, I did ask permission.)

Sara said...

Well, I guess I've been listening to "Wheels on the Bus" too much b/c I've never heard of the song "Hey Ya". I actually had to go to ITunes to listen to it. So so sad the state of mind that we are in with our kiddos having control over our music!!!

Rachel said...

My favorite excercise songs are anything by No Doubt, GNR and Brittney's Toxic...yeah, I am little dated too =)

Zrinka said...

i actually laughed out loud when i saw her comment on your fb page. she is right, but i guess you can't be blamed, since you were doing the itsy-bitsy spider thing. on my gym playlist i have a lot of european dance music, it really keeps me going! since you will be running a lot (!!!) in the near future, you might want to try some of that =)

Nicola said...

Although an oldie but a goodie, there is no way I'd have it on my ipod while running... shaking like a polaroid picture is exactly what my butt does when I run. Who needs the reminder?!! Thanks for the shout out though - glad you appreciated my comment ;)

Derek and Michelle said...

For my first half-marathon I listened to ACDC the edited version of course for the first 15 minutes and then shut it off and listened to the conversations around me. They were much more entertaining. When I got bored with their conversation, I would pass them!

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