Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I jog again tonight...we'll see how the ole' bladder holds out. Thank you to all of you that commented, either here or on Facebook or in person. Good to know I am not alone in my problem.
This weekend I am hosting a birthday party.

For my baby!!!!! Sigh. It's impossible that she is almost one.
When I started teaching classes for Harding a few years ago, I thought, "Hey, this is going to be great! Adults instead of kids...how easy!"

I was wrong.

I teach two classes right now and one class is like an AP class and the other one is not. (If you read this blog and you are in my classes...and congrats for finding my online journal because I never gave you the address...consider yourself in the AP class...I'm not telling which is which).

It is the most frustrating thing to "discipline" GRADUATE students! I mean, come on, get your work done! You are paying a ton of money to further your education. I gave you every single assignment at the beginning of the semester, it's not like I am surprising you with them.

I hate, HATE, having to look at grown adults and tell them, "Well, because you didn't turn your paper in on time, I will have to deduct points. Let's look at the syllabus, shall we. It says right here that I will take off X number of points for each day it is late. Did you have a family emergency that hindered you from completing this? (In my head...please let it be an emergency, please let it be an emergency) Oh, no emergency, you just didn't get to it. Well, turn it in when you can and I will be sure and get it back to you in a timely manner with your deductions for tardiness."


It really is amazing to me that these TEACHERS that I am instructing would never let their own students get away with what they are trying to do.

Of course, most of my students are very prompt with their work, engaged in discussions, prepared for class...but it is the two or three who leave me shaking my head in disappointment.

I do not expect them to know the material, that is why I have been hired, but I do expect them to show up to class with a functioning brain.

(There, it's off my chest now).
One of my friends from Searcy, Lori Newby, battled breast cancer a few years ago. She went through chemo and had a double mastectomy. She fought that battle and won. Now she has another battle. Her 6 month scans revealed that the cancer has returned. Please pray for her as she once again fights and for her sweet, sweet family as they stand strong beside her.
We had to have our garage door replaced last week. When we got home from our vacation we found it had been dented. Of course, we immediately accused Matthew's mom. Prime suspect. She had been taking care of Nora and Elyn and we figured she had had enough and slammed into the door to get back at us. After calling and threatening a law suit if she didn't give us the number of her insurance company, we decided it might not be her after all. (Obviously, I am kidding...geez, what kind of daughter-in-law do you think I am?)

We thought maybe the tropical storm winds had done it in. Unlikely though because the wind was blowing north, not west.

Or maybe some kids ran into it on their bike.

Or maybe someone threw something at it.

Or maybe someone did run into it with a car.

We're not Columbo, we may never know.

Anyway, we ended up having to have it replaced. See ya' later $500, it was nice to have you in the bank for a second, hope you enjoyed your stay.

When Matthew got home from class last night, he noticed that two other garage doors on our street have similar dents on them.

We may turn into Columbo with this new evidence.

Looking more and more like vandalism to us.

And we live in the hood apparently.

I'll keep you updated as our neighborhood watch goes into effect.
Did I mention that I am testing my bladder again today. I think I'll wear black shorts...just in case.

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Kim said...

Sorry about your garage door. That is really frustrating you are stuck footing the bill for something that happened, especially if it was intnetional.
Hope the runs improve and are nice and dry!
I had no idea about Lori Newby. I know of her, and will add her to my prayer list! Thanks for the info.

Kim said...

intentional. (Sorry-type A coming through.)

Sara said...

Preach on about discipling adults!! I came home last night from teaching my class shaking my head in amazement at excuses & lack of preparation. Of course it isn't the entire class, but there are a few who obviously haven't read my syllabus or didn't listen the night that I went over my late assignment policy. Goodness! I guess I needed to vent too!

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