Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (started on Tuesday, posted on Wednesday)...the New York edition

Here are 10 (or more) things for which I am thankful, from our trip to New York.

1. No matter how many times we saw the Empire State Building, Matthew took a picture. I was going through the picture tonight and I think we had around 50, just of that building. I am thankful that my husband had so much excitement during our trip!

2. Although I did enjoy my trip and Matthew and I plan on going again in a few years, I am thankful not to live there. I totally understand how you could LOVE living there. If I were still single and had zero kids then I would be up for moving, but I honestly can say that I cannot imagine living there right now. So busy and crazy transportation. I am thankful for my quiet little street and the ease of driving my car.
3. I watch the Today Show each and every morning. Nora knows the names of the anchors and will say to me, "Look mama, it's Matt (or Meredith, or Ann, or Al)." I am so thankful that I was able to see where it all takes place! I guess I hadn't had my daily dose of V8 and that is why I am leaning. Or I am so excited that I can't even stand up straight. I don't know.
4. FAO Schwarz...I was so excited to go. I have been there before and remember the grandeur, but was looking forward to Matthew seeing it all. And I was looking forward to picking out a toy for Nora and Elyn. However, when we showed up...the store was CLOSED!!!!!! Why was it closed you might ask? For a private party! Some kid was having his bar mitzvah celebration there. Some rich kid, obviously. So, what am I thankful for? I am so thankful that I had not spent the previous two weeks telling my kids that we were going to go to the biggest toy store ever and they would get to pick out any toy that they wanted. There were some kids outside the store who had parents who had made those promises and they were NOT happy. I felt sorry for the kids...but mostly, I felt sorry for the parents.
5a. I am thankful that we walked through Central Park. It was a nice walk and the benches we found to rest our tired feet were a huge reason to be thankful for too!
5b. For finding Tavern on the Green in Central Park and for a VERY nice dinner. Very nice!
6a. I am thankful that we did not melt. Sunday was a record day for NY and not just because Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig's record. There were record weather highs on Sunday. Our seats at the Yankees game? In the sun. See that necklace around my neck? I have a nice tan line from it right now. It is quite lovely.
6b. I am thankful that we made it to this game ALIVE. A guy on the subway told us that we were very ambitious for trying to go to both games on the same day. He was right. Getting transportation to Giants Stadium was difficult to say the least. While we were waiting in line for a taxi, this guy comes up to us and tells his "cab" is ready to take us where we need to go. We hop in his van (all 8 of us) and head out. Several times on the ride over, we were less than an inch away from plowing into cars and buses in front of us. I kept laughing, a nervous laugh, because I was, well, nervous. When he finally pulled up to the stadium, he told us it would be FORTY DOLLARS a person. Needless to say, we did not pay that amount. But we were all very glad to walk into the game, breathing.
7. That tourists stood in reverence as they watched the construction going on at Ground Zero.
8a. As mentioned above, I watch the Today Show every morning. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to see and talk to the lady below. Not the best picture but it's what Matthew got with a few second notice. On Monday morning, Aaron, my BIL, was standing beside me and said, "Look, look, there is someone." He didn't know exactly who it was (and later told me that he thought it was Katie Couric). I looked at just the right time and stood face to face with Mrs. Viera. I said, "Hi.". She put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Hi.". It was the kind of "hi" that meant, "don't talk to me, I am very busy, but I will take 2 seconds to recognize you, but that is all I am able to give right now...Hi." Highlight of my trip right here.
8b. This is where we were when I had my NY highlight. Serious news reporting was going on this day! I am thankful that we didn't see anyone leaping out windows or men in suits crying.
9. See the woman in white in the picture below? She was our China Town tour guide (yep, made it to China Town!). We were walking around when she comes up to us and whispers, "Watches, purses?". Um, does she read my blog too? Obviously, that is why we were there! She walks us, very quickly, down the street and to a bunch of guys sitting there. Aaron looks around, like, where is the watch store. The guy sitting on the street...he's the watch store. the guy is sweating like crazy, looking around for police and barely letting us look at the watches. After some "bargaining" with the store, we walked away with two Rolex's. The little lady then rushes us across the street and into an apartment building. Matthew, Aaron, and I follow her, not concerned at all about getting hurt. Hey, we are experiencing New York here! She takes us up two flights of stairs, down a skinny hallway, and into an apartment that is covered with purses!!!! I choose one and walk out, $38 poorer, with my "Gucci". It was the most authentic looking of the them all. Although, they all looked pretty real!!!!! I got what I went for after all.
10. I am thankful that I got to eat a hot dog from a street vendor. I know, it's crazy to be thankful for that, but this picture was taken as we were headed back to our hotel to get our bags and leave. It was the first time I had eaten a hot dog. I almost let the opportunity pass me by.
Bonus: I am thankful that I was able to go on vacation with some great people. There are many different personalities in this group which could have made for some great fireworks, but I'm happy to say that it was a great trip with fantastic memories! post signature


Danna Ramsey said...

Was M. Viera's hair as nice as it looks on t.v.?

Rachel said...

What a fun trip!! Meeting Meredith - very cool!! Tavern on the Green - very impressed!! I am glad that yall had a great time!

Anonymous said...

i loved your top 10-ish recap list....looks like you crammed as much as possible into your weekend!i will call you soon for more detailed stories and i want to see a picture of your chic new purse.

love you, leslie :)

Segadi Family said...

What a fun trip- I'm so jealous!!! Looks like you guys had a fun, eventful and very memorable trip!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

yall are the biggest travelers i know! what a fun trip! yall are so cute!

Whitney said...

What a fun trip! I completely agree with #2 on the list- I love visiting, but wouldn't want to live there.. it's just a completely different lifestyle that is not for me! Very neat about the Today Show too- I remember going there and getting pics with Ann (she's SO sweet!)

Julie said...

looks like y'all had a great trip. cool about meredith viera. last time we were there i got to shake hands with al roker. my only regret is that i had gloves on so i didn't get to shake with my bare hands:) we also saw matt lauer up close. anyway, nyc is a place you can go to over and over and never get tired of visiting. glad you had fun!

Amy said...

Madison and I are going to NYC this summer for dance finals. I can't wait! Sounds like a great trip~!

Chandra said...

It looks like you really got to experience New York--that's awesome! I bet you guys were exhausted! I have a picture of Christian Siriano's (from Project Runway) back just like your MV picture! And she touched you!:) Once I got into a blacked out van in Chinatown, and didn't think about how dumb that was until later...

Kim said...

Wow! What a trip. Enjoyed the post!

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