Sunday, September 21, 2008

The ugly side of running

Bear with me as I venture into a side of blogging that I rarely go.

A side that is embarrassing.

Oh sure, I am honest on my blog, I get comments about that all the time.

But I'm honest about my parenting and how it daily kicks my butt.

Rarely am I honest about embarrassing things.

Glad you dropped by today for the post. It's a milestone.

If you don't like to read about things that might potentially cause you some discomfort, then stop reading.

If you get great joy out of the trials and tribulations of others, then this post is for you.

As many of you know, I have been training for a 1/2 marathon. And it hurts!

When I ran my 1/2 marathons a few years ago, I was a few pounds (okay, 20) lighter. It's not fun hauling around all this extra weight. I keep running in hopes that I will drop the pounds on the side of the road and then my load will be...well, lighter.

Also, when I was training before I didn't have kids which made finding the time to train MUCH, MUCH, MUCH easier! I have been hitting the road after Matthew gets home or, as I did today, in the heat of the afternoon. I have also had to do a good deal of running on the treadmill. Boring!

These two factors have made the training less enjoyable and more difficult.

But I'm not giving up! I am determined to cross that finish line in December.

Although the extra weight that I am carrying around and the lack of time to train might not hinder my running, this next issue will almost certainly squelch my dream.

Here it is folks...the embarrassing part...

Lack of bladder control.

Oh. My. Goodness. It's a serious problem.

Before I had kids I used to laugh at friends who would talk about how having kids ruined their bladders. Now, I am one of those people.

I cannot run over 3 miles without having to pee.

I could have gone to the bathroom immediately before leaving for a run and it still doesn't matter, my bladder is screaming at me.

The worst part, I am usually running through neighborhoods when the urge hits. And most of the neighborhoods don't have Port-A-Potties on the corners.

(I am really revealing a lot about myself in this post...oh how I want to quit writing, my face is getting red and I am getting a little shaky. But in the interest of getting some sympathy, I will press on)

When the urge hits, my brain immediately starts going into overdrive and shouting at my bladder to get control. Imagine a drill sergeant yelling at his boot camp boys..."You better not leak! Get some control RIGHT NOW!!!! What are you? Two-years-old? I don't want to hear it...get control and keep it! Don't even think about or will you be on KP for the rest of this week!!!! Do you hear me??"

It's kind of like that.

But, my bladder is the boot camp boy who failed and was sent home before the training was even over. It leaks.

How embarrassing.

I know I have many, many lurkers out there. I am told all the time, "Hey, I read your blog." Well, great, that's just great. I'm glad I provide reading pleasure for you, I really am.

But, now, I need something from you. Are you a mom who has weak bladder control during physical activity? (thank goodness my bladder still has control during everyday things...thank goodness) Well, if you are, please lie to me and tell me it will get better.


If you are not one of those who lies, then tell me the truth. The awful truth.

Am I always going to leak?

It's so embarrassing.

I know each car I pass while I am running knows my secret. And they are laughing.

And it's okay if you are too. It's funny, just not very comfortable.

I think one of my next blogs will be all about the many ways these kids altered my body and functions.

It will be a very long post.

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Julie said...

i hear ya! the second i start running i have to pee! makes running outside an issue:) luckily at the 1/2 marathon there will be port-a-potties along the way! however, with me, i never need to stop on acutal race day. maybe it will be the same for you!

Lane said...

Dallas, you're hysterical! I don't have that problem with physical activities, but yet sometimes when I sneeze!! My bladder becomes the boot camp reject. So embarassing!!! Oh how I wish it will get better!

Whitney said...

I don't have that problem, but I can imagine it would totally suck! I do have a lot of friends that say they gottn that way after babies too though... but I don't think it goes away unless you have some type of sugery/procedure. :(

Kristen OQ said...

This is a HUGE problem of mine -- not always just when doing exercise either...Kevin can hug me too tight and I am running for the bathroom! I thank Sam (and the use of those dreadful forceps) for the problem. That's the main reason they let me have the c-section with Seth -- I was already not good off & they said if I didn't have the c-section the 2nd time (and now the 3rd) it might become an "all the time" problem (which would be horrible and oh-so embarassing). I sure do feel for ya...good luck!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I love it, Dallas. I am sorry for this, but I will stop with you at every port-a-potty on race day.

Mrs. Shy said...

I am right there with ya girl. I have the same problem!! All I can say is.....Wear some protection. I have to EVERY flippin time I work out. Oh well, I guess it could be worse! LOL!

Rachel said...

Oh Dallas!! I feel your pain!! I can't laugh too hard without a bathroom nearby...or sneeze...or sucks!!! My Mom just tells me to get used to it, but I have bad is it going to be after the next baby?? I would love to see the post on how kids change your bodies...things that I never thought could happen...well it did =)!! Hang in there, you are awesome!

Sandi said...

I sometimes have that problem when laughing. I actually have more problems with lack of control over gas -- that might be even more embarrassing which is why I'm admitting it here instead of on my own blog. :)

Kim said...

Oh Dallas! Bless your heart and that's hysterical!
I love your humor through honesty! However, I don't have this problem-only the "sneeze & pee" while pregnant.
I hope you'll find some advice/help!

Kerri said...

I NEVER have this problem haha. I can't go shopping this time of year for fabric incase I sneeze I may have to go straight home and take another shower. It diesn't get better at least that is what my mother has told me.

Tesney said...

Just wait till you get runner's diarrhea. Yes, it's real. Google it. Not pretty. Trust me.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

totally have that problem. i have areas of my body that are prolapsed, that I didnt know could prolapse. nice, huh? i stand up, and i have to go. ugh. so sorry. and I DO hope it gets better.

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Not while running, but, sadly, while coughing. Never had that problem before the kiddo.

~aj~ said...

I'm right there with ya, sweetheart.

During pregnancy and after having my problems whatsoever.

My 2nd pregnancy was a whole 'nother story. I'd pee when I sneezed, when I passed gas, when I laughed and sometimes for no reason at all. The worst was when we were at an arcade place with our son and some friends and I played that Dance Revolution game and not only did I tinkle, but the flood gates completely let loose and I totally soaked myself. I should have been humiliated, but I was laughing so hard at myself I know I just made it that much worse.

I still have the occasional tinkle after having my 2nd. I thought it was a lot better recently and then just a few days ago we were at a b-day party at a gym and I decided to jump on the trampoline (one of my most favorite things) and I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. Thank goodness I was able to get it under control before it got really bad.

I have no advice or suggestions...just wanted you to know you're not alone. :)

Elizabeth said...

The other day, Emily said, "Hey mom, why do you hold your privates every time you sneeze?"

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