Tuesday, October 07, 2008

34 things about Matthew

1. He loves God and wants to serve Him.
2. He loves me…and has for 14 years…well, on and off for 14 years
3. He loves our girls SO MUCH and tries to spend as much time with them as possible
4. He can eat more food than any other person I know
5. And not gain any weight…why don’t I have the same metabolism?
6. He knows things about math that I hope I NEVER have to learn
7. He takes the trash out
8. When I clean every part of the house, except the bathrooms, he will do it for me
9. He loves playing the game “if I had a million dollars, I would…”. We spend a good part of our car trips on this very topic.
10. Loves the fall (but really, who doesn’t) and LOVES to carve pumpkins
11. He used to have dates with girls involving carving pumpkins
12. I NEVER had one of those dates (see #2)
13. His favorite desserts do not include chocolate
14. They are rice pudding, egg pie, coconut pie…none of those are in my top three
15. He has two sisters and one brother
16. He is the only one of his siblings that does not have a pet
17. He is the only one that has kids (cousin for N and E currently being incubated)
18. When I am cranky, he sits closer to me and tells me he loves me. But knows when to move away from me also…fine line folks!
19. Even though he would rather be watching the Dallas Cowboy FOOTBALL players, he will let me watch the Dallas Cowboy CHEERLEADER training camp. I’m sure their wardrobes don’t hurt my cause.
20. Even though MY wardrobe has changed considerably over the past few years because of my tremendous body changes, he tells me constantly how beautiful he think I am
21. He has never had braces or glasses
22. He is missing a permanent tooth…which I did not know until we had been married a few months.
23. He is my absolute favorite person on this earth and I so thankful that I get to be married to him
24. He loves to work on our house and is pretty handy
25. He is so busy that he doesn’t get to spend much time doing that.
26. He would love to flip a house…not me.
27. He leaves the house, M-F, by 6:45am. I am usually still sound asleep.
28. His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch
29. He really enjoys vacationing to the beach, but he hates the ocean. Something about the creatures of the sea.
30. He RARELY gets upset. I’m talking, hardly ever. If he is upset then it must be something pretty big.
31. He thinks he is Simon Cowell. And he usually has the same opinions as Simon.
32. He is THE reason that our yard looks good.
33. When he was in high school he was a bit of an athlete (understatement). I did not know him when he was in high school, but from what I hear, he was QUITE the football player. An injury his senior year (torn ACL) prevented him from playing the rest of the year. He is still a little sad about that.
34. His number was “34” on all his jerseys. His lucky number. So this promises to be a fantastic year for him…his 34th.

Happy Birthday honey! I love you and you are Nora and Elyn's hero. There is no one in this world we would rather spend our days with. We hope your day is fantastic!

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Beth Henderson said...

You are so sweet Dallas. I'm so glad my brother is married to you. Thank you for this post. It made me laugh and brought tears to my eyes.

Jenn said...

This is a great list, Dallas. Just to let you know about #33...He was THE star athlete on the team. I think we all were upset on the night he tore his ACL. I had totally forgotten that he was #34...That is Aaron's number from high school and he still wears it on his church league softball jersey. Funny boys!
Happy Birthday, Matthew...we are all better because we know you!! :)

Jenn said...

Okay, I should have not said, "THE star athlete" on the team, but one of the star athletes on the team. There is no I in team, right? That whole group of guys was really talented and worked together great. Okay, had to dig myself out...:) Happy Birthday, Matthew

Sandi said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew! Sweet list, Dallas. :)

Kim said...

It makes me happy just reading about you and your Matthew-glad you guys have each other and I hope this is Matthew's best year yet!

Kim said...

Okay-now I'm the geek that wants to know you two's story. Maybe it was the whole off and on for 14 years....

Scott and Stefanie said...

Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the way!

Danielle Balentine said...

That was so sweet, it made me laugh and cry. But you know I am a little on the emotional side lately. You are so blessed to have such a great guy. I have a great coconut pie recipe that I'm going to make next time we get together, just for Matthew's b-day.

Rachel said...

Love this post!! I will have to remember this and steal it from you =)! Matt is a great guy and he is lucky to have such wonderful ladies around him =)!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha this is too cute and sweet!

abc said...

This is such a fun and sweet list. I, too can attest to Matthew's athletic abilities. I know a certain guy who was probably a little pleased when Matthew got hurt. haha

Chandra said...

I bet he loved reading that list! What a great wife! Btw, B's jersey number and 'lucky' number is 34 too!

Elizabeth said...

Ya know...I think I have a picture of Matthew on a pumpkin date....

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