Saturday, October 18, 2008


I have been on a little Blogger hiatus recently.

Nothing new has been going on and I haven't felt very inspired to write.

I've been boring to be honest.

Last week, I had a break from teaching. My students took a midterm online, so my presence was not required in class.

And I enjoyed just being a mom and not worrying about lessons.

I made a napmat for Nora. I'll be sure and post pictures later because I'm proud of it. My friend Ashley made her son one and I was inspired by her.

Apparently the original napmat that I got for Nora for her ONE day of school wasn't cutting it. It wasn't so much a "nap"mat but a "lay there and stare at the ceiling and whisper to the teacher" mat. Her teacher told me that if I sent a larger blanket and a pillow she might sleep better.

Do I need to pack up her bed too? Will that help out matters?

So, I made one that had blanket and pillow attached. Problem solved.

She used it today and I am happy that we can call it a "NAP"mat!

Another reason I have been absent from Blogger is because something wonderful happened to our television!

We changed Dish providers (still have Dish, but paying $15 a month less) and for a limited time only we are getting extra channels.

One word: BRAVO!

I cannot quit watching BRAVO. Project Runway...I am so happy to end the season with you; Top Design...I am fearful that I will not get to see the finale; Top Chef...oh how I want to watch each chop of the knife and puree of the fruit, I fear that it might not happen.

I hope to be inspired again soon.

Especially by my next post...

it's numero 300.

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Sara said...

Your blog isn't updating?? I didn't know you had written a new one..strange. Enjoy your new shows! They can be addicting.

Are yall coming for Homecoming this year?

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Funny, D! And I love that you blogged about BRAVO. You are so funny. PLEASE TELL ME THERE ARE 300 PICTURES OF MY BABIES!!!!! I am really missing seeing them. Love you.

Danna Ramsey said...

Project Runway and Top Design. T.V. at its finest.
And funny about packing up the bed. I can almost hear you saying that! (it would probably be easier if I knew what your voice sounded like...)

Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

Sorry, my comment is duplicating! But, I ran into the same problem with Caiden's nap mat! It ridiculous! Oh, well!

Kim said...

Glad you're back!
Tell your sister she needs a blog! I got the sweetest comments from her about Kennedy-I had no way to thank her. She's a sweetie, just like her sister.

Whitney said...

You are too funny! I'm totally addicted to Top Chef too!

Congrats on the Nap mat- I can't wait to see the pics of your masterpiece!

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