Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Potty training...take two

*****Update*****We had one more accident today, this time just wet (thank goodness!). She went, unprompted, to the potty several times this evening. I think it was to show-off for her daddy. Whatever works. We start again tomorrow. I'm tired thinking of it. And my house, oh gracious, "disaster area" is putting it mildly. I don't care though. As long as this pays off! One question though, how do I get her to poop on the potty? She seems scared to do that. Any advice?
We started potty training AGAIN today.

Ughhhh! That is the best word that sums it up for me today.

I don't have to teach classes for Harding this week or next week and Nora doesn't have "school" next Monday. I figured if we were ever going to start trying again, this was the perfect time.
It's 1:34 and I just laid both girls down for naps. I was SO happy to put Nora in a diaper for her nap. I am confident I am way more exhausted than she is!

We started out the morning with a tee-tee and poop accident. Way to start off with a bang.

Since then, these are some of the comments that I have heard from her:
"I'm not a big girl...I'm a baby! I need diapers!"
"I don't want to tee-tee"
"sob, sob, sob, sob"

You can tell it's been a completely positive experience.

You might ask me why I am torturing myself and carrying on...because she is READY!

Twice she has taken off her diaper and sat on the potty, all by herself.

When we went out to eat after church on Sunday, she told me that she had to go potty. I took her to the Ladies Room and she tee-teed.

She is showing all the signs that she is ready to be potty trained.

I am NOT quitting today or tomorrow and I'm hoping that by Thursday my stubbornness pays off.

I have been giving Nora M&M's when she goes on the potty (1 for tee-tee and 2 for poop). She only wants orange ones. Geez!

Actually, that's okay because all the colors taste good to me and THAT is what is getting me through today.

To be continued.........hopefully with positive news.

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Kim said...

Hang in there Dallas, you're in the middle of the storm! (I'm sure the M&M's don't hurt!)

Sara said...

I guess it is the "battle of the wills" at our houses this week! I'll encourage you to stay strong with the potty training if you encourage me to let Grant cry it out!!

One thing that worked for us if the M&M's lose their charm is having a "Potty Prize" chest. I bought several cheap dollar store toys and Laura could pick a prize after going to the potty. I think I did this maybe two days.

Also Laura had a little friend who was already in big girl pants and that was a way to encourage her.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Yea, Nora. The green ones, as you know, are my favorite.

Amy said...

Go to Candy Craze and buy that baby a bag of all orange M&Ms. But be careful..... I had Madison in the WalMart restroom and the poor woman next to us was having some LARGE bowel issues. As soon as things got completely quiet in the bathroom sweet Madison says, "Momma, do you have some M&Ms to give that lady? She made a big smelly poop in the potty." At that moment I wanted to flush her and myself down the toilet. TRUE STORY!!!

Lane said...

That's hilarious! Hang in there, she will get it! Sterling still wears diapers at nap and night time though. So we aren't fully there but so close we can taste it! Missed her today in class.

Kristen OQ said...

Hang in there! The poop thing was hard for Seth to get.

I finally gave in and let him do his "business" in a pull up for a couple of months (otherwise, he would hold it for days). All that to say, we gradually got him out of the pull up. First he had to wear the pull up but be in the bathroom to poop. Then he had to touch the potty, then sit on the potty with the lid closed, then sit with the pull up on but with the lid open. Finally, Kevin came up with the genius idea of cutting a hole out the back of the pullup and bingo, he went in the toilet (wearing a cut up pullup) and got over his deal with it. He has been fine ever since!

Long post with way TMI in it, but that worked for us!

Amy said...

I'm so excited to actually have some experience in this! Rare that I can relate my parenting experiences.
Pooping on the potty has been our biggest obstacle. Does Nora hide when she goes in her diaper? Luke was doing that. When I saw him secluding himself to a corner, I scooped him up and ran him to the potty. A litle risky though. And I don't have another little one to keep an eye on like you do.
We also read books on the potty, sing songs, look at pictures. But I've found if things are too entertaining, he will not concentrate on what he needs to do.
So proud of you for tackling this. Definitely sounds like she's ready. I just wish "ready" meant "trained themselves", you know?

Sara said...

Pooping took us about 4 more months after we got the "tee tee" down. And we were in pull-ups at night till she was about 3 1/2 years old.

I figured pooping would come when she was ready. I always encouraged it, but she finally did it when she was ready. Once she consistently mastered the pooping, she got to pick out a new toy.

Rachel said...

Oh - Potty Training is the WORSE!!! To be honest - Claire just had to just finally realize it was not worth holding and go. It was a lot longer than tee teeing, but it finally clicked. We wore a pull up to bed for almost a year after she was trained to be safe.

Deborah said...

Oh bless you, bless you!! I promise she will not go to kindergarten with diapers on!

How many older women have said that very thing to you...I'm getting old...

...and pretty soon, this old woman is going to be stressfully potty training a third one...eek.

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