Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some things I like...

A cloudy afternoon
A good nap
The first sip of a Diet Coke
Comments on my blog
A pair of pants that look awesome the first time I try them on
A great pair of shoes
Clean sheets
Folding laundry
Getting the mail
Books on tape/CD
Nichole Nordman
A good laugh
A good cry
When Nora snuggles with me
When Elyn says "Hi!"
My husband
A clean house
Strawberry cake
A good hair day
Open blinds
The smell of a newborn
Not currently being pregnant :)
Nursing my babies

And the list could go on and on. But these are a few things I like. See anything that might give you an idea for Christmas?

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Summer said...

Okay, I share your love of many of those same things! Great minds think alike!
Open blinds made me laugh. That is the first thing I do in the morning is open all the blinds. It drives Ansley and Layton crazy, but it puts me in a great mood to get natural light!

Sara said...

Oh the first sip of a diet coke is heaven!!!

Karie said...

Diet Coke, that's what I'm talking about! If we only lived closer and then I'd let you fold my laundry. I can clean then, but getting to that next step...Thanks for the comments on the new site! I'm so excited to be communicating this way! Love to see your girls, wow! We've got to get together with our kids! karie Lisa Funkerwillie

Whitney said...

Okay, I thought I was the only one who enjoyed folding laundry- it's a mindless task! I especially love folding all of Austin's little clothes!!! Actually, there are a lot of things on your list that I like!

Lane said...

I just saw your previous post about the "boy"! That hits close to home for me...I had my own "boy" for years when I was little, except his name was "Doodie". Be glad she didn't name him that! haha

Kimberley said...

Hi there. I was at Caleb's party yesterday, and realize you were too now that I've seen your blog - found through Melody's. Small world. Thought I would leave a comment since its something you like :)

Your girls are so precious!

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