Sunday, November 09, 2008

That boy!

I have a lot to blog about. I mean, I think all the time, "Oh that would be HILARIOUS to blog about...I'll do that later."

Well, later gets here and I have more pressing issues.

Right now I should be getting ready for my class tomorrow night (which I have prepared ZERO for), but I wanted to write these things down for my memories.

I have mentioned before that Nora has an imaginary friend. She calls him "the boy". I don't know how creative she is actually going to be because she also calls ALL of her dolls "baby". She never names anything, just calls it like it is.

Anyway, "the boy" has been going with us places. And Nora likes to include him in EVERYTHING.

The other day at the store, I was walking down the aisle, tossing food into my basket. Every few seconds I would look down at Nora and remind her that she had to stay right beside me if she was going to walk (as opposed to sitting in the cart having food thrown at her). We were almost all the way down the aisle when she looked back and YELLED, "Come on boy! You need to come on!!!!" Her hands were on her hips the whole time. She looked at me and said, "Mama, tell the boy to come on." So, I had to say, "Come on boy" while a couple of adults looked at me with questioning eyes. I guess that did the trick because then Nora looked at me and said, "Okay, let's go."
I was getting the girls out of the van at the gym the other day, again, reminding Nora to stay right beside me because we were in a parking lot. She turned around and said, "Oh, "boy"...look mama, he is jumping in the puddles and getting all wet. Silly boy!"
At breakfast and lunch, when we say our prayer, Nora holds "the boy's" hand too. She doesn't do it at dinner though. I think it's because she is holding Matthew's hand instead. Oh, and a few times, I have had to set a plate (empty) at the seat where "the boy" "sits".
The boy is here ALL DAY long. I never encourage her playing with "the boy" but I NEVER discourage her from playing with him either. I know having imaginary friends is totally normal and some even consider it healthy. I just wish Nora was more creative with her name! I wonder how long "the boy" will be a part of our family?

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Lisa said...

That is too funny. My nephew had a "friend" too. My sister had to spank it a couple of times because he just wouldn't mind.

April said...

That is hilarious! I love it. You all be sure to take good care of "the boy!" ;)

Kim said...

This may be prophetic-I did the same thing and later got my little brother!

The Rickard 5 said...

Parker called his "Sams"

Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahaha! that is hilarious. my mom said i was the same way with my friend, who happened to be bigbird. i made her buckle him in, wait to close doors, etc. etc. she still resents me to this day...;)

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Well, Kittie cat, Bear and Doggy approve of boy.

Love the stories. I miss y'all so much.

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

I agree with Kim. I think she is asking for a brother. ;)

Sadie is a bit more direct: She kept saying she wants a sister named Gretl, but then named her baby doll that, so I am free. She also named another baby "Handsome." (I think she means Hansel).

Whitney said...

That is hilarious! I never had an imaginary friend, but should have. I'm an only child.

Kathy said...

Dallas, I enjoy "popping" onto your blog occassionally. I think we graduated HU the same year. I came across your blog through other HU people. I enjoy your blogs; they crack me up. It helps to know other "normal" moms! :)

mom said...

I believe that "kitty cat, bear, and doggie" are still a part of our family. According to your sister, to this day, "they were real"!

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