Monday, November 24, 2008

This might come back to bite me...but...

potty training is going pretty well.

Nora is doing a fantastic job! We have had a handful of accidents since last Tuesday and seem to be on the road to dry panties, full-time.

Elyn has been a big cheerleader in the whole process. Nora's potty "sings" when she tee-tees. When Elyn hears that music, she throws her arms over her head and yells, "YEA!". Because of her cheering, Nora decided she needs an M&M every time too. Pretty sweet sisters. The picture below makes me laugh. Nora wanted Elyn in the picture, so she grabbed her hand and said, "Take our picture Mommy".
Then, Elyn decided she had had enough and started trying to pull her hand away. Nora kept holding on, despite Elyn's protests. Eventually, Elyn got tired of the hand holding and started pushing back. Ahhh...sisterly love...sweet?

I'm very proud of my big girl! She runs to the potty when she needs to go, yelling as she sprints through the house, "I have to hurry, I have to hurry!". One thing we have discovered is that the girl likes her privacy! She CANNOT poop unless she is all alone. She will announce, "I have to go to the potty. You stay right here!". I don't blame her though. She is tee-teeing and pooping on the potty...we are so excited! Our conversations are pretty comical these days.
I went into the whole process absolutely dreading it! We tried once before and quit so I thought our second attempt was going to be awful too.
I think the main reason it has been so successful is because I finally waited until she was ready. She basically told me she was ready by taking her diaper off herself and going on the potty.
I also give MOST of the credit to the book that I read. It is "Toilet Training in Less Than A Day" and, although it is a bit severe, it works! Funny thing, when I told my mom that I was using this book as my guide, she said that she used the exact same book when potty training me!
We stayed home for two solid days, only focusing on her bladder and bowels. I was ready to shoot myself by the end of the second day. I was tired!!!!! And so was she. But our efforts have paid off.
I also have not used Pull-Ups (as suggested by the book). At all. I do put her in a diaper (because I have a whole case of size 4 diapers that I had just opened...of course!) for nap time and bedtime. So far, her diapers have been dry when she wakes up from her nap and this morning, her diaper was dry when she got up from being asleep all night. I'm not brave enough to let her go to sleep in just her panties though.

This is what has worked for far. I don't think we are accident free for good. I carry at least two changes of clothes with me when we go out in public. I carry our potty in the back of my van in case, while we're in the van, she says she has to go. Today, she wore the same pair of panties all day, but tomorrow could be different.
We are going to be in the car for over SIX hours on Wednesday. I wonder how many times we will have to stop. It might take closer to twelve hours. Sigh.

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Chandra said...

Way to go Nora!! (And mommy!) For us, the overnight potty training was just when H was ready. One night he told me he was tired of wearing diapers and wanted 'big boy' underwear, and even though I was nervous the first few nights, from then on he was completely potty trained. The first part of potty training took months...I should've waited until he was ready. I'll know better next time--I need to check out that book.

Sara said...

Great job to the both of you! We (like how I said we) I mean, Laura started wearing panties to bed after she had 10 consecutive nights of dry diapers. She was very excited when we reached 10 and she never had an accident. Knock on wood. We knock on wood a lot at our house!

Happy traveling!

Amy said...

Yah Nora and Mommy! I completely agree about waiting til they show you they're ready and then jumping on it and not backing down. The end of Day 1 with Luke, I was so exhausted I was lying on a towel on the floor of the bathroom while he played in the tub. But wow so worth it! Not buying diapers is like a pay raise. And after about a week of dry diapers in the morning, we went to underwear at night. He's had one accident at night ever (I'm pretty much guarenteeing he'll have one tonight by typing that sentence.)

Jenn said...

Yeah for Nora!! Parker takes his diaper off when he is ready,too....although he also takes if off when he is poopy and then guess who gets to clean up that mess?? You are doing a great job, Dallas...keep it up and she will be in panties all the time...very soon!! :)

Brittney said...

CONGRATS on the success. I am going to go get that book immediately and give it a try. Jillian turns 2 1/2 at Christmas...and that is when I am going to put on potty boot camp. I am SOOOOOO over paying for two kids to be in diapers!

Yeah give us hope!

Kim said...

Yeah, Nora! What a big girl.
You too, Dallas!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

boooo. booooo. BOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm so eternally bitter...;) just kidding. I am very excited for ya'll! this is major! and they are so cute!

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