Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas part uno

I'm sitting here watching a movie, because you know, that's all we can watch on our grand new tv. I decided I could use this time to be productive.
Because uploading pictures and writing about our Christmas is about as productive as I choose to be right now.
The first of our festivities included making cookies with our small group. The kids had fun cutting them out and eating the dough. We forgot to decorate them but I really don't think the kids cared.
I love this picture of Elyn and Caleb. The are intent on doing one thing...eating as much dough as possible.
The second part of the holiday cheer happened when my sister and grandmother drove to our house for a super quick visit. My mom and stepfather were supposed to come too but my mom got sick and wasn't able to come. We were sad but managed a few laughs anyway.
I took Nora to the Dollar Store and let her pick out a gift for everyone in the family. She did a pretty good job and loved handing out the gifts. She got Aunt Marty rubber duckies and Grandmommy Santa salt and pepper shakers.
One of our gifts from my mom and stepfather was a picture of the girls that he had taken while we were at their house over Thanksgiving.
My grandmother got a huge kick out of putting as many pairs of Nora's underwear on Elyn as she could.
I made Chocolate Bread Pudding one night for dessert...Elyn liked it.
One of Nora's favorite gifts from my mom was this scooter. It's called a "Wiggle Rider" and is so fun to ride.
Another hit was the Dora sleeping bag that my grandmother gave Nora. Both girls loved it!
See, even adults can ride the "Wiggle Rider".

Stayed tuned for more parts of our Christmas...


~aj~ said...

Love those PJs!

Danna Ramsey said...

There is nothing funnier than a bunch of panties on a baby. I commend your Grandma. :)

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