Wednesday, December 17, 2008

From her little mouth

A few weeks ago, Matthew was singing songs with Nora. Usually they sing the same ones over and over. I guess I was feeling a little bit "testy" that day because I suggested that he teach her a new song.

(I bet none of you ever get "testy", do you?)

In her Sunday School class her teacher does a great job of introducing the books of the Bible (New Testament) to a bunch of two-year-olds.

I'm sure she has many, many extra jewels waiting for her once she reaches heaven. She has LOADS of patience. Loads.

So, I mentioned that maybe Matthew would want to sing the New Testament song with Nora.

(We're all about homework at our house and it doesn't hurt one bit for Ms. Oneita to be slightly impressed with Nora (and her parents) for going the extra mile.)

Matthew started singing, "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John...". He told Nora to repeat him and she did.

We're feeling pretty proud at this point.

"Look at our smart...obviously she has had some stellar biblical training already...we might should start teaching her the Greek names as well."

Matthew continued, "Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Acts and the letter to the Romans...".

He asked Nora to repeat him again. I'm on my way to get the video camera to document this amazing moment when I hear...

"Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, Max and Ruby, Romans..."

She might not be as ready for the Greek names as we thought.

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Marty Rhea Hill said...

Oh my, that is cute!!!! I would love the video. Maybe she will sing it for me tomorrow.

Amy said...

I really hope you have that on video. It made me laugh out loud. Now if she starts quoting Max and Ruby in her songs, you'll have a taste of life at my house.

Dallas said...

LOVE that girl!

She and Sutton really have like minds! He loves Max & Ruby! Matter of fact, he can sing Max & Ruby or the Indiana Jones theme song.

At least you got a little Bible in there! Your are ahead of the curve I am sure!!

Kim said...

That is awesome!! Cutest thing I've heard in a while!

The Rickard 5 said...

I am certain that Max and Ruby were supposed to be in there! I love that cartoon!

Jennifer C said...

Absolutely the funniest thing I've heard today!!!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...


Brittney said...

Great stuff! You need to write all of those down! My mom always said she wished she had because I think we had some good ones too!

April said...

LOL! I love it. I, too, hope you got that one on video. If not, perhaps you'll catch it on video before she gets it "right." :)

Lane said...

Ok, I was laughing out loud at this!! That is hysterical! Sterling loves Max and Ruby too! I knew they made a good couple! ;)

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious!!! How adorable is she?!!


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