Sunday, December 07, 2008

Goal completed!

Well, I did it!

I finished. And that was the goal.

I did something very out of character for me...I cried when I crossed the finish line. I have no idea where that emotion came from, but it bubbled up and spilled over. That didn't happen with my other two races.

I blame "having kids".

Here we are, getting our race packets. My sister, Marty, flew from Fort Worth to run it with me. This was her first 1/2 marathon to run. She's a crier, by nature, so she was crying as soon as she stepped into the Expo center. The other lovely lady is my sister's friend. Her name is also Marty.
Finding my race number.
Finding Matthew's race number. Sadly, he didn't get to join me. He has 2 papers/projects, a final and a take-home final due this week. He stayed at home. He did get his t-shirt though...his $60 t-shirt.
We went to eat our pasta Friday night at Jillian's. Good pasta and 25% off, can't beat that!
And of course, we had to have dessert. Maggie Moo's...yummmmmm!!!!
It was a COLD morning, Saturday morning! I think it was 34 degrees at the start of the race. Brrrrr! We warmed up while we were waiting for the race to begin, but it still wasn't good enough. By the time our corral made it to the starting line, 14 minutes after the horn was blown, my muscles were tight! The first two miles, I was running an 11 minute pace, which is slower than I usually run. About mile 2, I looked over my shoulder, expecting to see the two Marty's running beside me, but they weren't around. So, I was on my own. I stopped for a bathroom break at mile 5 and a "GU" break at mile 9.5. At mile 11 my left shoe had come untied. I bent down to tie it and when I straighted back up to resume my running, my body was screaming at me. I had to walk for about 100 yds to convince it to resume the run. I ran across the finish line 2 hours and 17 minutes after I began. (That means I ran about a 10:30 mile...hey, I'm no roadrunner).
It was a great experience. I was hurting by the end. I really wished Matthew had been there too. The other two 1/2 marathons that I have run, he has been by my side.
We are planning on running the Cowtown 1/2 marathon at the end of February and then after that, I will hang up my running shoes for a while.
I'm off to ice my knee.

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Derek and Michelle said...

Congratulations Dallas! That is quite an accomplishment after having kids. I didn't cry after my first 1/2 marathon, but I did have loss of (That's from having 3 kids!) Maybe I should of cried!

Lisa said...

Way to go Dallas.

Laura said...

Yea, Dallas!!!! Great news. Go, girl! :)

winbe said...

Yahoo! Way to go Dallas!

Rachel said...

Congrats girl!!! That is awesome!!

Kim said...

Dallas-good for you! I am totally impressed. What an accomplishment. And in the cold-bonus points!

Sara said...

Great job, Dallas! I'm impressed!

Marshall said...

Congratulations! It is so great that you and Marty could run together. What a huge accomplishment. I read your blog on a regular basis. Your girls are precious! You have a beautiful family. Have a great Holiday!
Leah Shepard

Jenn said...

Great job!! That is so neat that you could do it with your sister...really special! Way to go, girls!! :)

Summer said...

I am so impressed at your commitment and completion of the race. With two little ones, I am sure that training was no easy task! Great job!

Whitney said...

That's so great! Congratulations on a goal accomplished! :)

Traci said...

That is so awesome! Good for you!

I cry at the fun run 5k's we do. And like your sister, I pretty much start crying when I see the crowd of people! :)

Amy said...

Dallas, that is so awesome. What an accomplishment!
Yes, it was the Old Navy black skirt from Real Simple. It's very mommy figure flattering, surprising for Old Navy. They're low-cut jeans are just scarey on me.

Sharon Hamilton said...

Dallas, congratulations I'm so proud of you. It was great to see Marty with you. It's great to have a sister to share joy with. Miss you both.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

congratulations! sorry I am so behind! what an awesome accomplishment!!!

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