Friday, December 12, 2008

It won't get done

Seriously, it won't all get done. And do you know why?

I'm procrastinating!

Big time.

I have a mile long list of things to do and I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO interest in completing (or starting) it.

What is my problem?

My family is coming next week to visit and I have barely thought about what we will eat while they are here, what needs to be cleaned out, what needs to be thrown in the closets to give the appearance of "neat". It's sad, really.

And if you are in said family, please do not leave a comment telling me, "Oh, you don't have to do anything, we are just so excited to see you and the girls...oh, and Matthew...don't go to any trouble on account of us." Yeah, right. That's not how it works when having house guests.

I am really hoping that something motivates me before Thursday afternoon.

Anyone else not quite feeling "it" this season?

My Christmas shopping is not done...

Guess how many presents I have wrapped? ZERO...

I have decided to be a little crafty and I'm cursing the day that the idea of being crafty entered my mind...

And do you know what I am about to do?

Go to bed.

I'm hoping tomorrow is the day that a fire is lit under me!

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winbe said...

I also have a list of craft projects that I keep avoiding and company coming this weekend. Maybe we should get together and play Martha Stewart or perhaps just procrastinate a little longer and go grab some dessert-Ha.

Kim said...

I, too, am guilty!

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