Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Queen of transition

My eldest daughter is the QUEEN of transition! She is awesome at changes.

*Give her a little sister when she is 19 months old? No big deal.
*Take her out of her crib and throw her in a toddler bed? She acted like she had been in a toddler bed her whole life.
*Mommy has to work two nights a week and two DIFFERENT babysitters come and stay at our house a few hours? She loves the extra attention.
*Go from diapers to underwear? Almost too easy.

HOWEVER, take away the girls paci...

World. Falling. Apart.

We started her off with the paci at a young age. I was given the piece of advice from several seasoned moms, "As soon as she comes out, stick the pacifier in." Being completely clueless, that's what I did.
And I am GLAD I did that! That pacifier has gotten us through many meltdowns.

Nora LOVED her paci! LOVED...actually, loved might be too gentle a word for how she feels.

It was never very far from her mouth and Matthew and I always knew where a backup one was, just in case.
I'm sure I have spent close to $100 in pacifiers, just for Nora alone. They are crazy expensive but oh-so necessary!
When she was about 16 months old, we made her keep the paci's in her bed and she could only use them for nap time and bed time.
The paci worked so well for Nora that we immediately stuck one in Elyn's mouth the second she came out. I don't know if it is possible, but Elyn seems to love hers even more.
Last night, I took it away. Actually, I told her that Santa came and got it and gave it to the babies that didn't have any pacis.
I'm an awful mom. I'm a liar. Don't judge me.
I realize that Nora is nearing the ripe old age of 3 and in my mind, it's high time to get rid of the paci. She doesn't take one with her to school and has no problem napping there. When we are in the car, she is able to fall asleep without the assistance of her beloved pacifier.
So, last night, I went cold turkey on her. It was shocking for all parties involved.
Matthew couldn't believe how cold-hearted I was being. He was absolutely correct when he said that we should have actually GIVEN Santa the pacis instead of just springing it on her. Of course that is what we should have done.
But once I had entered into the land of lying to my child, I couldn't back out. I had to stick with my story. "Santa came to your room this afternoon and got your pacis and gave them to the babies". (I put this all in print for her future therapy sessions...I want her to be able to get her monies worth).
Last night was miserable. Absolutely miserable. She ended up in our bed from 12:30am to 2:15 am. I carried her back to her bed at 2:30, only to find her at my bedside at 5:45am. Sleep was not a wonderful thing at our house last night.
Nap time has been equally miserable today. I'm hoping that she will be so exhausted tonight that she will pass out and not even mention her paci.
I am PRAYING that happens.
So there you have it, I am the worlds worst mother and my kid is going through detox.
Don't you wish you could be at our house right now?

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Marty Rhea Hill said...

Wow, I am impressed.

Julie said...

my nephew had the same withdrawls and he was over the paci in 2 days! i will keep my fingers crossed!

Danna Ramsey said...

AH! Same story with Sophie. Mommy was a liar, sleep times = meltdowns, Daddy just shook his head. Total nightmare. Power through!!!! (and prayer. lots and lots of prayer.)

Lane said...

Wow good for you!! We all have to tell "stories" every once in a's all for their own good! ;) Hope your night goes better! Sterling still has to sleep with a blanket so don't feel too bad. He actually calls it his best friend and talks to it like it's human. I think he and Nora will be in the same "sessions" when they grow up! haha

Shannon said...

When I took Bailey's paci away she freaked out and was so mad at me. I totally gave in the first night. However, the second night I cut holes in them and let her have them. I told her that she had worn them out (yes, I'm a liar too!)but that she could keep them if she wanted. She tried using them even with the holes in them and quickly realized that they didn't "work" right anymore. For whatever reason she could accept that much better than me taking them away from her. She was instantly over it. Good luck!

Dallas said...

If it make you feel ANY better...Sutton took a pair of scissors to his last paci...and it has not been a fun day here either!!

When it is late and he is screaming here I will pray for you over there that things are better at your house than at mine!!

Kim said...

Santa took it-I love it!! I tried giving Kennedy a rubber nipple after only having given her the silicone-she wouldn't accept it. I don't know if this might work...

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