Monday, January 19, 2009

Anybody else have this "problem"

And there is lots more in our attic! Fourteen to be precise.
Each season it is exhausting to me to go through closets/drawers, pack up clothes that are either too small or out of season, go through tubs that might have current size/season in them, wash and put back in closet/drawer. Can I get an Amen?

Thanks to the GENEROSITY of other families we have been on the receiving end of many, many hand-me-downs. Without these families, I don't know how our budget would have stretched enough to clothe both of our children.

You would think that by looking at those tubs we were set for the next 2-3 years.

You would think that.

But that is not the case. Sadly.

Our girls were born 19 months apart from each other. Yes, it's crazy that they are close in age. We're crazy.

But, them being crazy close in age is not the worst part of them being 19 months apart.

What is the worst part?

Nora's clothing does not work, seasonally, for Elyn.

Elyn is in 18 month clothing right now. I went to the tub that says "18-24 months" on the outside of it. Guess what?

The vast majority of the clothing is SUMMER clothing.

It's January.

THANKFULLY, because families at church love us enough to give us their super cute hand-me-downs, we have some WINTER 18-24 month clothing, so I don't have to go buy the girl an entire new wardrobe.

I just thought all those tubs sitting in our living room tonight looked funny. So I got a pic and decided to share our burden/blessing with the rest of you.

Maybe our next child (who has not yet been conceived...stop rushing me!) will be a boy and we will have the largest garage sale ever.

But then we'd have to buy boy clothes. It's a vicious circle!


Danna Ramsey said...

To some people, upteen tubs of clothes look funny. To others (my husband), the very sight of them causes veins to pop out on their neck.

Me? Since I forget from season to season what we already own, it's like going shopping all over again (without spending money!)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

ugh. I hate the seasonal switching out of clothes. I never know what to do with all of them...

Mary Jo said...

Ok, well if you are having a boy next you better hurry up and tell me b/c Landon's outgrown duds are leaving just as fast as I wash them clean and decide no more! It is insane how many clothes he has. Each time I have another boy in September, I think,"wow! I don't have to buy them anything!" I am pathetic though and feel as though they will need some matching things for each boy, and then some fresh pjs are a must! Of course what used to be nice, is now just gruby play clothes. I also must note that he is wearing short sleeves in January out here and that does throw us off as well. I think we are both very blessed!

Amy said...

No no. If you have a boy I will send you the 14 tubs of clothes I have for ONE CHILD. Out of control! And I just bet that if I ever have another boy, the seasons will not match up. That would be too easy.

Sandi said...

I hate this, too, and what especially bugs me is when they GRADUALLY get too big for some of the clothes in the season -- what do you do with those clothes? Mine just end up in a stack on top of their furniture to be "put away" but that never happens until I get so fed up I go on a massive cleaning frenzy. Sigh.

Kristen OQ said...

I do the tons of tubs thing too in my attic -- Kevin gets a little irritated about taking up so much attic space until he thinks about the money it saves him! My boys kind of grew though at different speeds, so really a lot of Sam's clothing worked for Seth (even though he was seasonally opposite from Sam). And it gets better once they start wearing the same size for more than 2-3 months too...mine did that starting at size 2T or so.

I am excited to pull stuff out for this next little guy for the last time...and after he is done with it, off it goes to the garage sale, resale shop, or goodwill!

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