Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A hotel update

Both girls just went down for a nap. It's amazing to me how quickly Elyn fell asleep. Our activity level today has been pretty low.

She did swim for over an hour though. That probably did her in.

Nora on the other hand...well, let's just say she's already been up twice.

AND she had a potty accident today! What? She has not had one of those in over a month.

This hotel is throwing her off her game.

Thankfully, when Matthew went home to see if power had been restored (it had not), he picked up some extra undies.

I don't think I mentioned this yesterday. When Matthew called to make our reservation, the boy taking our information asked him why we were needing a room. Matthew said it was because our power was out.

Because of our predicament we got our room for 50% off of the regular price!!!!

Another reason to LOVE Embassy Suites.

(When Hurricane Katrina came roaring through a few years ago many people without power took shelter in hotels. Matthew's dad lives in south Mississippi and told us last night that the hotels charged 200% ABOVE the regular rates. Ridiculous!)

Rogers has already canceled schools again for Thursday. I hear that many of the schools are without power too.

We're hoping to be home tomorrow!

Until then, we will continue our adventure.


April said...

Hi Dallas,

I am a life long friend of Brooke Hales's. I just wanted you to know I have been following your blog for a while now and I love the way you write. I have girls the same age apart..they are 1 year younger. I like see what your cuites are up too. Oh, and yesterday was my birthday too.

Happy Birthday! I would love to be in a nice hotel for my b-day and not have to worry about the mess around me :) Take care.

Mary Jo said...

I, too, love Embassy Suites. The older I get and the more children I have aquired, I have become quite a hotel snob and really don't think it is worth it at all unless everyone is comfortable, and the kids have their own TV, landon can sleep in a room without the slightest noise waking him up, etc... It doesn't ALWAYS work out, but I'm never really relaxed and rested if it isn't a suite.
Glad you guys are out of school and warm!

Mrs. Shy said...

Hey girl!! Sorry you are still without power...If you get sick of your hotel, you are more than welcome to come and stay with us...We have plenty of room and a fun hill to sled down!

Sara said...

Sounds like an adventure! I also LOVE Embassy is usually my first hotel choice especially when traveling with kids b/c of the two rooms, indoor pool AND good breakfast!

Hope you can go home tomorrow! And yay for Embassy for reducing your rate!

Julie said...

hope you are enjoying your 1/2 off hotel room! there is a new, fancy hotel in ft worth that is offering $200 off their regular rate (of $300) and jay and i got a hotel room for sat night. we won't be taking bailey. our last chance to sleep in before blake is here:)

~aj~ said...

Okay, you guys hit the hotel JACKPOT! Man, I wish we were hanging out at the Embassy Suites with you! We're at the Hampton Inn in Rogers/Bentonville, which is nice, but CRAMPED. And I have no idea what I'm going to do to keep Adam quiet tomorrow when Matt is back at work and Drew needs a nap...should be interesting.

Glad you guys are warm and safe and that you still got to enjoy your birthday cake...that is a necessity!! :)

Whitney said...

That's awesome that they gave yall a reduced rate! I love Embassy Suites too!

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