Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just when I could shop with my eyes closed...

Wal-Mart goes and moves everything around.


I went to the store tonight (by MYSELF, such a luxury...any other mommies feel like it is a mini-vacay to go up and down the aisles with no one talking to you?).

Our 4-year-old Wal-Mart is in the middle of a major makeover. I really think WM is wasting some major money on our store.

I have no idea where things are now. Oh, sure, things are still in the same vacinity, but not in their original home.

The part that bothers me the most? The baby area. It's all messed up. Ughhh!

AND did y'all know that Wal-Mart charges different prices for the same item at different stores? I didn't and am shocked! I'm sure this is old news (frequently, I am out of the loop). It irks me that just because I live near the "wealthy" WM store in our area, they are going to charge me 2 cents extra for my bread.

I'm not wealthy. And I'm sure not driving 10 minutes out of my way to save 2 cents on bread when I would spend that 2 cents on gas.


It's a hard life I live. So hard.


Traci said...

I had no idea that the prices were different there! I love that store, tho.

The first time I shopped in there, I was at the checkout with a whole bunch of stuff and was putting the wrong pin # on my new bank card. Of course I was denied and had to go to the Arvest counter. Well, this tiny little lady came up to me and offered to pay for my groceries!! That sweet angel thought I couldn't afford my stuff. I was a little embarrassed! :)

Haven't been back!

Mary Jo said...

Hey! Just so you know, the Supercenter near my house here in CA charges the same as in OH. It does seem like when we moved to OH it was a bit more. I expected it to change here, but I am very happy to report since it cost so much more to live here, that it does not apply to WM!! We ARE saving $150 a year by purchasing our soy milk at Sams instead of WM or Costco. FYI. It really does matter! I hear you!

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