Monday, January 19, 2009

MLK day=a very full drs office!

Two nights ago Elyn did not sleep. She lay in her bed whining. Obviously she didn't feel well.

Matthew and Elyn stayed home from church yesterday. Poor kid, very clingy and whiny all day yesterday.

Last night, with my best friend "Motrin" coming to my aide, she slept like a champ.

This morning, basically her entire face was coated in a film of snot. Ahhh, nothing like a little snot baby to start the day off right.

I took her to the "almost exceeding the fire code law because there were so many people in the waiting room" doctor this morning and HALLELUJAH...

he sent me home with a prescription for an ear infection!!!!

Bad news: I forgot to pick it up on my way home and I am not leaving my house again. I'm hoping her daddy doesn't mind making a detour on the way home.

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Danna Ramsey said...

And all this time I thought Motrin was MY best friend... oh wait, I'm best friends with Equate. Sorry.

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