Friday, January 16, 2009


The other day we were trying to remember when Nora was Elyn's age...which seems like an eternity ago.

A few facts:
*when Nora was Elyn's age (15 1/2 months old), I was 5 1/2 months pregnant. What?!?!?!
*Nora was wearing 12 month clothing. Elyn is in 18-24 month clothing.
*Nora would sit and watch an episode of Barney, from start to finish. Elyn is interested for about 5 minutes.

We also remember Nora seeming a lot older than Elyn, even though they were both 15 months. Is that because we didn't have anyone to compare Nora to? Is it because she received our undivided attention? Is it because she is our oldest and we expected things early?

Whatever the reason, I tell myself that Elyn is just like Nora was. But that's a lie. They are totally different!

So, just for fun, I pulled out a picture of Nora when she was Elyn's age and found one I had taken a few weeks ago of Elyn. Matthew and I looked at them, side by side, on our computer screen.

We don't think they look anything alike. What do you think?


Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

i'm always looking and comparing developmental levels with emily. it is a futile exercise for me. em won't watch any t.v. either. it is terrible trying to get anything done. my saving grace is she goes to bed at 6:30.

~aj~ said...

I'm sure you are joking about the picture comment because they look SO much alike!!!

For what it's worth, I remember reading your blog back when Nora was Elyn's age and thinking that she seemed so much older than she really was. Maybe she just grew up fast since she was preparing to be a great big sister?

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