Saturday, February 28, 2009

Growing girl and some sickies

We are in Texas right now. We planned this trip several months ago, when Matthew and I thought we would be running in the Cowtown 1/2 marathon.

That didn't happen.

Nobody was motivated in our house to run. Not even Nora or Elyn.

So, since the trip was already planned, we decide to come on and celebrate Nora's birthday...again.

Before we left, we took Nora to visit the doctor for her well-child 3-yr. visit.

He proclaimed her "perfect". I'm sure he says that to all the moms and dads, but we think she is pretty much perfect too. (Minus the fits, the getting out of bed a Guinness World Book record amount of times, recently wetting the bed at night, etc.)

They measured and weighed her too. Nora has ALWAYS been on the smallish side. She has never exceeded the 30th percentile in either weight or height. (Her head has always been around the 75th percentile though, she's got a big noggin!) What were her percentiles for her visit yesterday?

Weight-30 1/4 pounds...50th percentile
Height-3 feet 2 inches...75th percentile

WHAT! She is growing!

We have been commenting lately that she is getting tall and appears skinny. Little did we know...

While we were at the docs, we asked him to check over Elyn. She had woken up several mornings in a row with matted eyes and snot covering her face. Nice, I know.

In the doctors words, she has a "rip-roaring" ear infection.

Two prescriptions later, we were finally on our way to TX.

On the drive, I started feeling bad. Really bad. My throat started hurting, then my ears, then my whole body. By the time we got to my mom's house, my temp was 101.5 and I thought I was going to pass out.

I took some NyQuil and went to bed.

I am feeling better today, if you call sandpaper lining my throat and needles stabbing into my ears "better".

Hopefully some rest and TLC from our family will get us all well.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Holly Aytes said...

Sorry to hear about the "rip-roaring" ear infections...those are no fun. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. My kids tend to be on the "smallish" side too. I like it though as it means getting more wear out of shoes and clothes (they last through the whole season and sometimes even next years season). Madison (the "baby") is whopping 25 lbs at 3 1/2. Poor thing is a head shorter than all the other kids in her class both at preschool and church.

Rachel said...

Hope everyone gets to feeling better!! Have a good trip and be careful!!

Kim said...

Sorry, Dallas. Get better and enjoy the best you can the rest of your trip. I had that-throat/ear thing and took Advil cold/sinus and it did help.

Mary Jo said...

Hope you feel better! I have had my share as well. yuck! Also....Landon weighes the exact same as your big 3 year old!!! hahahaa!!!

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