Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here's some pictures

I have been an awful photographer lately. I think it has something to do with my "good" camera being in the shop. I'm counting down the days until it is back in my hands.

My mom sent me her little digital to use, but the battery STINKS and I don't always remember to recharge it. Therefore, I am missing precious moments in my house.

Here are a few that I have captured and have had friends take some too.

Our friend, John David, had his birthday party at Jump Zone and we had a fabulous time. Melody, our friend, took some pictures and shared them. Thank you Melody!

The whole group
Matthew and Elyn going down one of the slides, kind of looks like he is ripping her arm out of socket, doesn't it?
But she didn't care...she loved it!

I love this face!

Dress up has been big around here lately. Elyn testing out the plastic heels. She is surprisingly good. I see many pairs of high heels in her future.
Not the most attractive picture of either, but it shows how excited they are to dress up.
Still working on the heelsPretty princess
Valentine's Day
We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day around here. It was a normal day, basically, just all the food was heart shaped.
Breakfast: heart-shaped blueberry muffins
Lunch: heart-shaped sandwiches
And "heart-shaped" fruit
And finally, Matthew had "What Not To Wear" day at school this week. Here is how he went:
Look familiar?


Marty Rhea Hill said...

Oh, how that Walter makes me laugh!!!!!! Love the photos. Thanks.

Karie said...

I don't even think my kids know what real clothes are. The live in their dress up clothes and I love it. Your girls are so cute! and Matthew???

~aj~ said...

Wow, Matthew makes an incredibly convincing Lloyd! I'm way impressed!

Jenn said...

Oh my sitinking word! Matthew looks great! He looks like a cross between Lloyd and Willy Wonka!! Where did ya'll get that fine costume...I bet the kids at school loved that!

Dallas said...

Matthew actually wore that to a Harding Academy homecoming about 7 years ago (when he worked there). The theme was "Hollywood" so him and his brother dressed up. His brother went as the other guy...what was his name? He has kept the costume and comes in handy for school events. The jacket and shoes are spray painted orange, the rest came from Goodwill.

Whitney said...

Matthew's outfit made me laugh out loud! He needs to wear it for Halloween next year!

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