Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I heart Facebook

I LOVE Facebook for several reasons:

1. I have a horrible memory and "finding" old friends helps me remember things

2. I love when people post old high school or college photos, they are hilarious

3. Status updates...I am always amused by the funny ones

4. Friend count...I know some people who have at least 1,000 friends. I don't think I have known that many people in my lifetime.

5. My friends. I'm going to be honest, about 15% of the people who are my "friend" on Facebook are completely unknown to me. If I don't know who they are, I usually confirm them based on the number of mutual friends. Also, I think it's funny that I am "friends" with so many people that I was not otherwise friends with in real life. People that I knew in high school, for example. I probably WANTED to befriend them in the early '90s, but for whatever reason (I was too much of a nerd), I didn't.

6. Ultimate time waster. This is actually not a reason why I love it. It's always shocking to me to look at the time and realize I have spent 30 minutes looking at random people's info and I should have been cleaning the bathrooms.

So, if you're on Facebook and we're not friends...why the heck not?

If you're not on Facebook and are looking for something else to add to your already busy day, this is for you.

I heart you Facebook.


Sassy said...

You make me laugh!

-And thanks for being my facebook friend and my real friend too!

Danna Ramsey said...

Here's the deal, the deal is... the people that I talk to the most on facebook are the people I see every day.
I'm a HUGE dork.

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