Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is 2003 really that outdated?

My new cell phone has provided much entertainment for those around me lately.

I mentioned that my former cell phone had been through a few unfortunate instances involving Elyn. She has quite the pitcher's arm.
Not wanting to spend over $150.00 on a "run-of-the-mill-most-basic-of-all" phone at the AT&T store, I turned my phone search to Ebay.
Success was mine when I found a phone, with adaptors, for less than $50.00.
And it was a BLACKBERRY! I pay attention to commercials on television. Blackberry is mentioned A LOT.
While hitting the "purchase now" button on the Ebay site, I smugly thought, I am going to be so hip.
A week later, this is what came in the mail:
Blackberry, circa 2003.
Nope, not hip.
Like always.
These are the comments I have received since taking ownership of this phone:
me: Hi, I got this new phone and can't figure out how to transfer my numbers from my SIM card into the address book. Could you help me?
AT&T guy: Um, a NEW phone? This phone is OLD!
When we were staying at the hotel, I went down to the workout room one night. I accidentally left my phone on the treadmill and Matthew went back down to look for it. When he didn't find it in the room, he went to the front desk to see if someone had turned it in. Guy at the front desk: Someone just turned this phone in, but I thought it was some kid's toy phone.
I pulled my phone out of my purse the other day at lunch with a bunch of other mommies. One of them looked at my phone and said, "Is that a label maker?"
Ha ha ha ha. Laugh it up folks. I do not care.
Let me tell you what I use my label maker for...talking and texting. And I am QUITE the texter nowadays. It's probably due to the enormous keyboard.
Apparently, I can access the internet with it. That costs too much. Remember, the whole goal was to SAVE money.
Oh, and the best part about it? Indestructible!
My "little leaguer" has already given it a few practice pitches.
You know the phrase: they don't make things like they used to. Well, my "antique" phone should be around long after all these new fangeled sleek design phones have gone to their technological grave.


Amy said...

Good gosh.... does it even fit in your purse? Or here's another one for ya.... " You're gonna need a chiropractor after luggin that thing around all day... "

You crack me up Dallas!

April said...

LOL! You are too funny!!! I hope you enjoy your "new" old phone. :) Thanks for the laugh this morning.

Amy said...

Hilarious! I always have old phones too. Like you, I don't need anything fancy. One time when I finally gave up an old phone (that was HUGE) the guy at the store told me he had never seen one like that before. Of course he was probably 8 when I bought it.

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Dallas, You are so funny. I love it. Enjoy.

Whitney said...

LOL- you are hilarious! Well no matter what anyone says, I hope you enjoy your "new" phone!

Derek and Michelle said...

I could not stop laughing! You are hilllarrriousss! I love it!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

okay, my husband almost peed on himself when i told him about the label maker part. that was hilarious! you keep me rolling, dallas. thanks!!!

Traci said...

Dallas, I feel for the SAME scam and was so upset when I received it in the mail!! Only mine was magenta (it looked red on the website)! I am in the process of selling it back on Ebay. Luckily it was time for Alan to upgrade so we did and I got a new one.

SAME company I bet!!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

Sorry. The website is And it is grrrrrreat!!!!

Michael Ann said...

Thanks for the laugh Dallas...that was funny! At least you text, I don't even do that and we don't have caller i.d. on our home phone - if you are outdated, then we are definitely "stoneage!"

Ashley said...

You are too funny! Isn't it funny (and sad) how un-hip we are? I couldn't even dream of having a hip internet phone right now. I think I would just have too much Dave Ramsey haunting since we're still working on Baby Step 3.

Lane said...

That's hilarious! Sterling must be ancient then because he was born in 03! :)
Love the "label maker?" comment!

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