Monday, February 02, 2009

Let's catch up

I finally uploaded my pictures. Tonight, I will post about my birthday, the hotel, and the storm.

Here I am with my three favorite people enjoying my birthday dinner in the hotel lobby.

Then we went back up to the room to feast on the delicious strawberry cake that Matthew and Nora made.Bedtime stories in a messy room.Thankfully, the pool provided maximum entertainment for my three favorite people. I was pretty content to sit on the side and be the photographer. I was out of the NASTY pool.
The pool ended up being super cold. Matthew veered over to the hot tub with Elyn to warm up.
Guess who didn't want to go back into the cold pool?
So, I'm sure by now, you are all pretty tired of seeing the "Ice Storm 2009" photos, but here are a few more. Matthew got these when he came back and discovered our power had been turned on. And then we came back two hours after that and it had been cut off again. But, I digress...
Tomorrow, I hope to post about my big girl, Elyn. She had a big day today! Curious, well, come on back to find out.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

awe glad yall had such a good time! check out those icicles! thats insane! i wouldn't mind a good snow here. Here we have useless cold. Where it simply freezes you out and produces nothing. thus the uselessness. I guess a few less mosquitos in the summer is always a good thing, though.

Mary Jo said...

OK, I keep seeing all these icicles the size of....well I'm not sure and my mind keeps going back to the Greys Anatomy when an icicle (of this size) falls on one of the characters and stabs her!!! Apparently it is possible because TV is very real. you know? better be careful my friend!!!

Kim said...

Oh my word! Ice EVERYWHERE!
Glad you guys enjoyed the hotel-and your birthday!

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