Tuesday, February 03, 2009

My sweet Elyn has always had WILD hair. It goes every which way and constantly hangs in her face. I keep it pinned back as much as possible. Elyn is not crazy about bows and rips them out often.

Here are a few pics of Elyn's crazy hair:

5 weeks old...already showing signs of craziness
hanging in her face
matted to her face...and it doesn't seem to bother her
last week, still crazy
Yesterday was a big day for her, her first haircut! I'm sure many, many people have thought for a very long time that she has needed a haircut. I do not care what "other people" think, a haircut is a huge deal for me and I get to decide when I am ready.
Here is the big girl, so excited about her "salon" appointment.
Getting all suited up.
"Look at me mom! I feel so pretty!"
Ooh, a sucker! She didn't even notice that someone was touching her hair after I handed her the sucker.
All done! Such a pretty girl! Not much hair was actually even cut. Not even enough for me to gather some up and put it in her baby book. Basically, the lady cutting her hair just evened up the back. I'm just hoping that it will start thickening up.
I am "anti-bangs"...big time! Until my children can verbalize "Hey, mom, I would like bangs" they will not have them. I guess I should clarify that I am anti-bangs for my own girls. I think they look absolutely fine on others. To me, bangs equal more maintenance. I try to cut out as much "extra" in my life as possible.
I say all of that to say that bangs would probably work for Elyn (NEVER Nora), but until she is able to take care of them herself, mama will be getting her hair cut into a cute, all-one-length, bob.
So, that was Elyn's big day. Her first haircut at 16-months-old. What a cutie!


Misti said...

She is precious!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

She is beautiful!!!!! I love that last smile before the haircut.

Sassy said...

She is getting SO big!!

mom said...

She is such a Henderson. I can't decide if she looks more like Aaron or Julia. She is growing up so fast. I can't wait to see her at the end of the month.

Keisha said...

I think it will be a while before Violet gets her first haircut.

~aj~ said...

Cutie, indeed!

Kim said...

Love it! What a beautiful girl. I've got a crazy-hair girl of my own. She seems to need a trim every other week!

Lane said...

Oh I love it! She is so precious!

Kerri said...

Seriously....another baby gets their haircut before Abby who is 4. You people are killing me. She does look cute though.

Leslie Echols said...

precious 1st haircut pictures....she only needs like 14 more to catch up with her boyfriend! :) it made me sad to call nolan "16 months" this week-how weird am i??

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

at least she has some! i would give anything for mine to grow something. even a combover would make me happy at this point. i had a head full of curly hair at this age. i told gary that since she takes after him in the looks department, she must have picked up his small-amount-of-hair gene.

abc said...

So sweet! I find her crazy hair endearing. Brady got her 1st haircut about a month ago, that's right, about 3 weeks before her 3rd b-day. And that's mostly because it was a big deal for me. I get it!

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