Monday, February 23, 2009

My sweet three-year-old

Today, Nora turns THREE! These have been the most rewarding, hardest, growing, loving, frustrating, happiest years of my life.

She is such a sweet girl and we are so blessed to have her! She challenges us daily, makes us question our parenting, shows us unconditional love, helps us understand the love God has for us better, brings us JOY.

We love you Nora! We love how you stand by what you think and want (and are confident that this trait, although it causes us much frustration right now, will be used for good later on in your life), we love how tender your heart is toward Elyn, we love how polite you are, we love that you love to sing, we love that you love your friends, we love your imagination, we love how excited you get about the smallest things, we love your memory, we love your hugs, we love how you dance, we love that you are a good eater, we love YOU!

Happy birthday baby girl!

(beautiful dress done by Danna. She is awesome and quick! Check her out here! Thanks, Danna!)


Danna Ramsey said...

Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Dallas said...

Did you check out her AWESOME DRESS???? Made by a true master smocker. TONS of compliments on it!

Kim said...

LOVE her dress! Danna-is that your work??
Anyway, happy birthday to Miss Nora.
Dallas, I had to go back and re-read "Nora" to make sure you didn't type "Kennedy" with that description-spot on! Scary. And, I'm right there with you on those thoughts.

Lane said...

Aww Happy Birthday Nora!!

Love her dress! :)

Kristen OQ said...

Love her dress too! Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. I feel like I get a glimpse of her fun personality when I read your blog.

Holly Aytes said...

What a sweetie! Happy Birthday Nora :) Love the dress...wish I could do that type of thing however I can't :( Instead, I keep Strausburg and it's employees very happy! Thanks goodness other people know how to make these beautiful dresses!

April said...

Happy Birthday, Nora! Love the dress!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Nora!! You are such a little beauty!!

Okay - I loved that dress when I saw her in O's class at Church! I just commented on Danna's blog - I want a couple!!!

Danna Ramsey said...

Oh goodness, Honey! It was my pleasure! So glad you liked it!

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