Sunday, March 01, 2009

I HEART Facebook...a little bit less

Remember how I said “I HEART Facebook”? Remember that? It wasn’t too long ago.

Well, I still HEART Facebook...but, I’ve given it up.

For Lent.

And I’m not Catholic.

Why, after proclaiming my undying love for it would I give it up?

And for so long?

Well, there are a few things for certain:
1. I cannot, will not give up sweets for Lent. That is crazy.
2. I choose not to give up Diet Coke. When I’m craving my sweets and don’t want to totally cancel out a workout I might have done, Diet Coke to the rescue!
3. If I’m going to give up some Internet related item, why not give up blogging. That means I might have to actually start writing stuff down in my girls baby books. I have such a long streak going of not writing in them that I don’t want to break it now.

You might recall in my first Facebook post that I called it “the ultimate time waster”. Truer words have never been typed.


I understand, I do not NEED Lent to actually give something up. By, hey, when in Rome…or the Vatican…

I’ve never done the Lent thing either, you know, not being Catholic and all.

I have a friend whose dad is Catholic. She, however, was raised going to church with her mom, at a church of Christ. Her parents are happily married and have been for many, many, many years. My friend, because she was part of a household that actually gave things up at Lent, was accustomed to the practice. During our friendship, she gave up: Coke (which pretty much flows through her veins so this was a big one for her), processed sugar (candy), and other insane things. AND SHE NEVER CAVED.

I was always so impressed.

Anyway, after proclaiming my love for Facebook a few weeks ago, I realized, I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on it.

I mean, I was kind of aware that I was neglecting other things because of it, but WOW, I was really neglecting things because of my old pal FB.

Since February 24th, I have not looked at Facebook, expect to type “…giving up Facebook for Lent” as my status on that Tuesday.

At first, I thought, what is everyone doing? I wonder if so and so had her baby or if so and so uploaded those pictures. I have had a few email notifications (which I meant to turn off on Tuesday but can’t go do it now because I might be tempted to check Status Updates) of people wanting to be my friend. And I can’t confirm them. I hope I’m not hurting feelings.

I mean, really, it’s ridiculous that I am feeling guilt about not confirming these friendships when I realize these people have probably forgotten that they even asked to be my friend.

Why didn’t I feel that same guilt about neglecting God? He has always been here, waiting for me to put down my computer and “hang out” with Him instead.

I have been neglectful in giving Him my “status updates” all the time.

I have not been as interested in finding out as much as I possibly can about Him and instead, have spent my time finding out about the person from high school and what he/she has been up to.

I have logged onto my computer the first thing too many mornings instead of opening up my Bible first thing in the morning.

When I have had a few minutes of quiet time, I have gone to the computer screen instead of the Bible.

I am prayful that this Lent season will give me perspective and help me to reprioritize my life. I want to know God and His Word as well as I knew the number of pieces of flair I had.

So, my blogging friends, I hope that, at the end of Lent, I will be able to write a post about what a soul-searching time this has been for me and how I have grown closer to God and know His word better.

That is my prayer.


Kim said...

That's wonderful, Dallas. Thank you for being a good example. We are surrounded by Catholics, and it has encouraged me to join in for Lent.
Why not, right??

April said...

Well said, Dallas! I seriously need to evaluate how much time I spend on the the expense of time with the Lord or with my family. Thanks for the reminder!

Danna Ramsey said...

I do Lent. I was encouraged by my students oh so many years ago. One year I gave up saying, "crap". One year it was french fries. This year it's... gulp ...

Danna Ramsey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~aj~ said...

Good for you, Dallas!

I go through periods where I try to scale down my computer time, but I haven't ever completely given something up for any certain length of time. I bet I'd be amazed at how much more time I'd have in the day...time that could be better spent with God, no doubt.

I commend you for this! You'll have to let us know if going through Lent changes things in the future.

Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, Dallas. Much to think about. I, too, think of our Coke-lovin' friend each Lent... that girl never, ever caved... that we saw, anyway ;)


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