Monday, March 09, 2009

Just because you can't hear doesn't mean you can't stab someone in the back

This episode of Amazing Race took us to Siberia.

How about Florence, Italy or Paris, France. Those are the places that I would rather see. Maybe the producers are saving those destinations until I am a contestant.

After a mere 12 hours of rest, the teams get their orders to head to Siberia.

I love the teams who think ahead and ask their cabdrivers if they have a cell phone they can use to call the airport. Probably the BEST minutes of the entire episode happened during the first five.

Mike and Mark (tiny stuntmen) ask their cabdriver to call the airport for them. I don't know if the cabdriver watches the show and is trying to be funny or he has no idea what the jockeys are asking, but he calls another cabdriver who happens to be driving Cara and Jaime (the redheads). Cara and Jaime play the role of travel agents and try to throw Mike and Mark off their game. It was a very funny exchange but ended up making no real difference.

All teams were supposed to be on the same flight to Siberia, but only three made it on the plane (Mike/Mark, Christie/Jodi-the flight attendants...{they make me laugh EVERY SINGLE LEG because instead of using regular backpacks-like the rest of the teams-they use rolling backpacks, and like the good flight attendants that they are, roll them while running everywhere-HILARIOUS}, and Kisha/Jen-athletic sisters).

Those three teams head to the detour. They have the choice of either "stacking" or "constructing". Neither one are very exciting. I mean, really, if you had the choice, would you rather stack wood or construct a shutter. BORING.

All 3 teams choose to stack. Be careful when stacking when wood though, it may come crashing down all around you! And for Mike/Mark, that's exactly what happened. Their lead is quickly being lost. They head over to construct.

Kisha/Jen win the stacking round and head off for the Roadblock leaving the flight attendants to finish up.

When Kisha/Jen show up at the Roadblock they find the first U-Turn. NEW TWIST this year though, if one of the teams chooses to U-Turn another, it remains anonymous. Brilliant! We don't have to hear about the u-turned team whining the rest of the season about so-and-so being so devious and ruining the race for them.

Kisha/Jen chose not to U-Turn. Christie/Jodi also chose not to U-Turn. Wait, what about Mike/Mark???? Do they U-Turn anyone? Doesn't really matter because they have not even completed the detour yet. I was completely frustrated with their performance this leg of the race.

While Mike/Mark are still floundering, the rest of the teams show up at the detours. All chose the stack one, but after some stacks fell down, Mel/Mike and Amanda/Kris head off to construct.

Margie/Luke, Victor/Tammy, and Cara/Jaime stay stacking. An interesting alliance has been formed between Margie/Luke and Cara/Jaime. Margie and Luke finish the stacking detour before Cara and Jaime. When they get to the roadblock and see the U-Turn, they use it...against Amanda and Kris-who have never done ANYTHING to Margie/Luke. I know, I know, it's a game and they are trying to help their friends. Whatever.

The Roadblock: Way more interesting than the detour! They got to BOBSLED! At 55 mph. The teams had to finish the course in 4 minutes or under, all the while looking for letters to spell out the name of a Russian playwright. Although a few teams had to repeat the course because they didn't find all the letters, it was a pretty easy task.

Until, they had to put the 7 letters together to spell out the name (Chekhov). Victor had a very easy time with it saying, "Who doesn't know who Chekhov is?"

Um, me, Victor. Back off.

Even though Kisha and Jen were leading the majority of the leg, Christie and Jody are the first team to arrive at the pit stop. They were so excited!

Because of the U-Turn, Amanda and Kris were the last time to arrive. Sigh. Do I hate Margie and Luke for doing that to them? No. I just wish they would have chosen to U-Turn Mike/Mark. Mike/Mark lucked out this leg. If they play the next leg like they did this one, they won't make it much further.

Good game Amanda and Kris. You are just the cutest couple I have ever seen. Best of luck to you. I hope you get married.


Brown Four...Never a Dull Moment said...

I totally agree with you...Italy is awesome! I can't wait to go back! Thanks for the recap...I just might have to watch that show!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

You crack me up with your commentary! I mean, really. Hilarious. And somehow, I have never noticed the rolling backpacks. I will have to watch for that. One of them makes me think of Kelly Ripa every time.

As for the u-turn, I think it was sweet that Luke was looking out for their friends. And, the dating couple were last to finish the shutters anyhow, so who knows if they would have been able to catch up in the end w/o the u-turn. I still love Luke and Margie(?) and Victor and sis (who cannot do a cartwheel to save her life which I thought was odd and hilarious).

I'm hooked, too. Can you tell?

TeamBortzfield said...

I almost cried when Phil said you are eliminated! What? I thought surely it was a non-elimination round. so sad but I liked the new twist

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