Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break Fun!

Although our spring break is not officially over, we are home from our visit to Mississippi and to Little Rock. So, this is what we have been doing...

On our way to Mississippi last week, we stopped in LR to eat lunch with Matthew's sister, Julia, Julia's husband, Brian, and our nephew, NOAH. It was our first time to see him since his birth. If you remember, we didn't get to hold him because those strict NICU docs wouldn't let him out of his special bed. We enjoyed our hour with him. Nora LOVED him and insisted on holding him right away. I think, when the time comes to add a new baby to our family,one day, she is going to be way more into being a big sister.

We enjoyed our time in Mississippi, visiting Pops and LeeLee. Nora loves Pops and LeeLee. Elyn really didn't like Pops until the very last day of our visit. She's in an anti-man stage right now.
The girls eat at the bar for their meals when we are at their house. These poor cushions have definitely seen their better days. LeeLee was looking at recovering them. I hope she holds our for a few more years because lots of kids are going to be using these.
These are the girls after church Sunday.
The dress that Elyn is wearing was once worn by her Aunt Julia! It's held up pretty good for being about 3 decades old.
Pops and LeeLees house is not the most "kid friendly". I am nervous each time we go, wondering, what is going to be destroyed this time. Thankfully, they have this leather couch that is a great trampoline. Both girls loved running and jumping on it and Pops and LeeLee encouraged them to jump! Their bulldog, Sam, runs and jumps all over it too, so Nora and Elyn weren't going to hurt it anymore than a 75 pound dog.
Because of their couch, I know that leather couches are almost indestructible! If you have one, don't be afraid to break it in!
They got a pool in the fall and we are SO excited! Even though it was only 75 degrees outside, 3 members of my family still broke the pool in. The water was freezing...from what I hear.
Nora lay like this for about 15 minutes after getting out of the pool and her lips were a light shade of blue. But, she insisted on getting back in the next day.
One of our favorite things to do at night is to go out on the golf course and let the girls run around. Nora loves to go to all the flags and put the golf balls in.
We went to the Hattiesburg Zoo this time. We have never been and had pretty low expectations. Jim (Pops) kept saying, "Cats and dogs, cats and dogs...that's all we expect". When went on a train ride first off. Nora loved the zoo just because of the train and was content to have just done that.
But, she was excited to go see the animals too!
I have never been to a zoo where you could see the animals so close up. Literally, the only thing that separate you from the animal is plexi-glass. Nora was enjoying looking at the jaguar, until...
he got a little bit too close. She did not want to get close after that!
She is becoming such a big helper, always wanting to help with anything involving Elyn.
A rarity...a family picture!
Cute picture of Matthew and Elyn, but not the reason for the picture...see that little girl in the background? Isn't she a cutie? Well, LeeLee, wasn't really paying attention and felt that little girl walk by her and assumed it was Elyn and picked her up. It was hilarious! Thankfully, the little girls grandpa thought it was funny too and didn't turn us into the cops.
Ahhhh, there's the right little girl!
And then, just about an hour before we were going to leave, Elyn warmed up to Pops. She must have known we were about to leave.
On our way back to Arkansas, we stopped in Monroe, LA to visit my friend, Karie and her kids. This is her youngest, Eden.
I have been friends with Karie since I was 8 years old! That is a long time people! We met at camp our first year as campers and never looked back. We wrote letters to each other during the year, were bunkmates at camp every summer, the best spades partners you have ever seen, buddies at swimtime, washed dishes together as assistant counselors, went to Africa together, we were suitemates in college, in each others weddings, and see each other at least once a year. God blessed me 24 years ago by putting us both in Cabin 1.
Here are our girls...Nora and Krimson. They first met when Nora was 10 weeks old and Krimson was 10 days old. Maybe one day, they'll be bunkmates at camp.
Elyn had fun playing on the playground too!
Who knew this would be our picture 24 years ago? Karie and her kids (L to R), Krimson, Eden, Jude, and Adam. Love you Karie! You are such a great mom!!!!
Before we headed home, we stopped in LR again for a few days. And guess who Nora loved staring at? This little guy.
Elyn wanted to constantly touch him too...she was less gentle.
Noah was having so much fun in his activity gym that Nora and Elyn wanted to try it out too.
Look at how big he is getting!
I will add some more pictures later, as I have accidentally deleted several while writing this. Grrrr. We have a few more days left of spring break, one of which is supposed to have snow! Crazy spring.


Rachel said...

Great pictures!! After seeing these pictures,I could so see Nora and Elyn with a baby brother =).

BTW - when you accidentally delete something hit ctl z and that undo's everything you just did...I learned that the other day from my sis =).

Danna Ramsey said...

So glad you are back! And, oh, I love me some Fouts!

Karie said...

What a fun time! I'm so blessed to have you in my life Dee and I always get such joy to see you and Matthew together and your beautiful girls! It was great to see you and I love that picture of Eden! Can't wait till July/August!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

I have missed you BIG time and I love the blog. Glad you are home. The girls look great. I love the dresses, Elyn's breakfast hairstyle and Nora's cute braid. Great photos!!!!

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