Saturday, March 14, 2009

Women of Faith

This weekend I have been at the Women of Faith conference in Kansas City, MO with my mom, sister, and other women from my church.

It has been AMAZING! I have been attending these conferences for quite a few years. My first one to attend was in 1997, so this wasn't my first rodeo.

What made it so incredible? First off, this guy...

You might not recognize him, due to picture quality. But, this is Mr. Steven Curtis Chapman. You might remember this story that happened less than a year ago. He talked about his family and how they have been coping with the loss of his daughter. He was so sincere and open in his conversation. Tears were streaming down my face by the time he was done. And boy is he a fantastic singer!
This is me and Marty this morning at the beginning of the conference. My mom didn't get to go because she was sick. I hated it that she missed it, because like I said, it was the best conference I have been to in the history of going to these things. Hopefully she can make the one in Dallas in August.

Thankfully, she was feeling better by the time was conference was over and was ready to head for dinner.

We went to Grinder's. It has been featured on Food Network and is super!!!!!

Can you tell we were thrilled to be there?

This piece of art was right outside the restaurant. So funny!
And then, we were heading back to our hotel and saw the Crayola Factory. How FUN!!!
Except that it closed at SIX PM on SATURDAY night. Seriously? Do all kids in Kansas City go to bed at 6 o'clock? I was sad it was closed because it really did look like it was a fun place. Oh well.
I head back home tomorrow. I miss my little family!
Look at the Women of Faith website to see if there is a conference coming near you! I'm sure that you will be uplifted by it as well!


Kim said...

This is great, Dallas. How amazing to share this experience with your sister-sorry your mom was sick. I'd love to go with my girls someday.

Kelli said...

I almost went to this! So you were in Crown Center?! You'll enjoy the Crayola store tomorrow, hopefully you get to go there!

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