Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter far

It has been all things Easter around here the past few days. So, before I have an insanely long post tomorrow night, I decided to go ahead and post about the things that have happened so far.

At Mommy and Me on Thursday, we had our Easter egg hunt. Sadly, the weather on Thursday was not exactly egg-hunting weather, so the hunt happened indoors.

Last year, I held Elyn during the entire hunt. This year, she got to hunt!

She's ready!
Gathering her first egg.

What a funny face! You can see my finger, in the bottom of the picture, pointing out the eggs to her. Duh, mom, I've got think I can't see all the plastic eggs?
When it was Nora's turn to hunt, she did not have any trouble knowing what to do! Also, different from last year.
She went down this whole row, on her knees, throwing eggs into her basket as quickly as she could.
Look at all the eggs I got!
"We do not want to be sitting here. There are more eggs to be found!" Luckily for them, after I snapped this picture, my battery died.
Last night we dyed some eggs.
Hard at work. (And isn't her hair pretty? (Sarcasm.) Her little sister is to blame for this. She took Nora's ponytail holders out. Little sisters, they can be so annoying, can't they...)
Daddy helping Elyn.
I have no idea why she is crying, I just thought it was funny. Hey kid, we are trying to make memories here...quit your crying!
Almost all better!
An egg casualty. But a nice snack for us!
Are they almost done?
Works of art:
While we waited for the second batch to dry, we had ice cream. Can you guess which flavor?
This picture has nothing to do with Easter, but did happen today. Matthew was painting something in the garage (please do not look at the disorganized bookshelves behind Nora...I told you not to look!) and Nora wanted to help. Here she is painting her own little board. Don't you think her painting outfit is classy. She actually cried when I put it on her because it "was not pretty".
This afternoon, while the weather was BEAUTIFUL, we had a family Easter egg hunt. Matthew hid the eggs for the girls (in rather obvious places) and then let them loose. Elyn did a better job this time, from all the practice at Mommy and Me.
After they found the eggs, Nora said she wanted to hide them for us to find. She told us to go around the corner so she could hide them. She came and got us when she was ready.
This is how she hid them...all in a pile. And she was so proud of herself!
She did a little creative and put on in the baby swing.
Tonight was a milestone in our house! In preparation for Easter Sunday, I rolled Nora's hair in pink sponge rollers!!!!! I made a big deal about it and how she was going to have curly hair in the morning (we'll see) and she was pretty excited about it!
I told Matthew this is a day I've been dreaming about ever since the ultrasound tech said those words, "It's a girl!". Pink sponge rollers and ballet shoes are what I thought of that day. (Certainly not the teenage years!)
And a preview of my Easter dessert...
They're no where near as awesome as Bakerella, but I am excited about them, just the same!
Happy Easter!


Holly Aytes said...

Looks like y'all have been very busy and have had tons of fun! WE too do the pink foam rollers. When Madison was born she had curly hair but as it has gotten longer the curl is well not so curly :( So we help it along with foam rollers which she loves! Your Easter treats look great! Can't wait to see what the girls look like in the Easter frocks (is that even a word anymore?).

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how much fun! love all the pics. your marshmallowy goodness look fabo.

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