Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I HATE the doctor-by Elyn

I took Elyn to the doctor today for her 18 month old well baby check-up.

As soon as the nurse looked at her she started crying. And held onto me with a death grip.

I think she was a little annoyed at her sister who happily told everyone that would listen to her that Elyn had to get a shot.

Here she is, getting weighed (23 pounds 1.4 ounces-28th percentile). She's like every girl and hates the scale.
Come on, stop the torture!

We went back to the room to begin the "how long is it going to take the doctor to come and see us" game. And she hated the table.
She was a little fascinated by the paper though.
And by her sister who was behind me making silly faces at her (I think Nora has seen her daddy do that a time or two).
Nora ALMOST got a smile out of her.
Nora wanted to sit by Elyn on the table...you can see how Elyn felt about that.
Hey, Elyn, did you see this fun paper? Look, it makes noise.
Finally, happy. Thanks to her big sister and the paper on the table.
Elyn's stats:
Weight-already shown
Length-32 1/2 inches (69th percentile)
Head-46 cm (32nd percentile)
She looks great, moves great, throws great fits. A perfect 18 month old.
However, she has another ear infection. Ugh! This her 5th since January and she just finished her antibiotic for her last one less than a week ago.
We are going back to the doctor in 3 weeks to re-check her ears. If they still show some sign of infection, we will make an appointment with an ENT.
My prayer for the next 3 weeks is that her ears clear up and she will not have to have tubes.
The thing about Elyn and ear infections is that they do not affect her sleeping, her personality, her mood. She is pretty much the same with or without ear infections. The only clue that we have when she has one is that her nose is very snotty and she pulls on her ears.
I absolutely want what is best for her and if tubes is that, then so be it. But, I just hope (and pray) we won't have to go down that road.
Because you can see how much she like doctors and how pleasant it is taking her to the office.


Laura said...

I totally feel for Elyn! I had tubes twice! I had some ear infections after that, too (I swam a lot) and I remember how badly they hurt! Poor thing! She seems tough though since you said they don't affect her mood!

Kelli said...

I love that yellow dress. Poor baby and her ears, ouch!

Brittney said...

Ok, I am pretty sure I have said this before on your blog, but I could have totally posted this myself...from the separation anxiety to the noisy paper on the table!!!! I have been there more time than I can count!!!!!! WE are taking Jules in for her 1 year on Thursday, and I may not even post, but just reference your blog!!! HA hA!!! Well, glad to see Elyn is right on with everything and that I am not alone!!!!!

Kim said...

These pictures are priceless! I'm sorry about poor Elyn's ears. I'll say a prayer for your little princess. Keep us posted about the ENT appt.

Tesney said...

I understand about not wanting to do the tubes but I do have to say they are the greatest thing we ever did for Clayton. He definitely needed them and has only had one ear infection since we got them. But, I always think the least you can do to them the better, so hope she doesn't have to have them. But if she does, they are great!!!

Holly Aytes said...

Madison hates the dr also. She is finally getting better. We bring crayons and draw on the paper covering the table...she loves that. We lay down and outline her body and then she gets to color that in :) We have been doing this since the oldest was little. Hoping her ears clear right up. She looked absolutely adorable at her office visit :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! cant blame her for hating those scales. don't we all??? ;) I don't think I've realized the close ages between our babies. I'm a bit slow on the math. I just always considered Ellyn to be much older with all that hair! don't know why. duh. those pics are precious.

Julie said...

it always cracks me up that you take your camera to the doctor! i never think to do that. elyn looks so cute in that yellow dress. can't wait to see y'all soon

The Hales said...

Tubes were the best thing that could have happened to Taylor. We were so tired of the ear infections and antibiotics. She had them so bad she had hearing loss in one ear and was experiencing vertigo. I was not happy with the pediatrician. After she got them she did so great. We just had to make sure she wore ear plugs in the tub and swimming to keep water out. They lasted about a year and then fell out. Procedure is so quick and easy. Hopefully she won’t have to have them but if she does it is really a breeze.

Jamie Chitty said...

So funny that you kept taking pictures while she is screaming her head off. You have to capture those moment somehow.
They both are growing so fast.
PS, love the curls for Easter. So cute!!

Kristen OQ said...

I agree with Tesney -- don't do anything unnecesary, but if they turn out to be needed, they are the BEST thing ever. And we should know...we have financed our ENT's large home with Seth having 3 sets of them under his belt in 4 years time! ;)

Danielle Balentine said...

Can you believe how big she is? Seeing her on that scale that she was on when she was a newborn makes you realize how much she has changed and grown.

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