Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just some things...

Did you know that it is supposed to be 52 degrees and RAINING here on Sunday? What in the world is the Easter Bunny supposed to do? I hope he has checked the forecast because it is not looking good for him. Or for the flimsy white dresses my little Easter eggs are supposed to wear to church.

There is nothing worse than putting on your Easter best only to have to cover it up with a winter coat. I'm afraid that is going to be the case. Sigh.
Speaking of the Easter Bunny (have I mentioned this already?)...the Henderson Easter Bunny did some early shopping, about 3 weeks ago, hoping to beat the Saturday night rush. I got the "gifts" and tucked them away in my closet.

While I was working in the kitchen later on that day I hear, "Oooh, Mommy, look!!!!! What is this? AHHHHHHHH, Pinocchio!!!!!!!!"

Apparently the Easter Bunny could have a done a better job at hiding the loot.

I told Nora, while prying a chocolate egg out of Elyn's mouth, that the movie was for her and Elyn, from Mommy and Daddy (sorry EB, you're don't get credit for that one because of my awful hiding skills) and quickly put away everything else.

I am hoping she wakes up Sunday morning and forgets all about the candy and $1 toys and focuses on the video. Fat chance.
I have been working out 3 times a week for the past few weeks. Running, doing some sit-ups, focusing some on my legs and arms...and seeing ZERO results.

Darn you metabolism!

But tonight, my husband looked at me and told me the sweetest words I have heard in a while. "HEY HONEY, I CAN TELL YOU ARE SHRINKING."

I'm never letting him go folks. He's a keeper!

(Now, if my clothes would just tell me the same thing.)
I am famous. Well, semi-famous. Well, not really famous at all.

If you live in NW Arkansas, you can see me, once a day, on TV. I am in a commercial for Harding.

For about 2 seconds.

I had forgotten that it was filming night when the man with the video camera walked into my classroom, that is why my hair is up and I have on a big shirt. But you probably won't even notice that because of all the talking I do with MY HANDS. Goodness gracious, I sure move those things a lot. Anyway, if you want to set your DVR's to record me, I am on during Grey's Anatomy tomorrow night. I will sign my autograph for you if you want.
I am really trying to get good at this coupon clipping thing. Thanks to my friend, Melody, I can use her blog to help me out and she says she'll give me some pointers. I am going shopping tomorrow with a's to saving money!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the wonderful ideas for teacher gifts. I wish a lot of the parents that I have had over the years had the same ideas as you guys do. I would have fewer coffee mugs that say, "I love 2 Teach" on them. I can't reveal what I will be doing (because one of Nora's teachers is a reader-hey Lane), but will share at a later date.

And hello! I completely forgot about Teacher Appreciation Week.

I DID NOT forget about it when I was teaching though. I had my priorities straight back then, when I was receiving the gifts.
Have a great Thursday!


Kim said...

You're so funny-I love 2 teach-hahahahaha. I'll never buy that mug. So, you've already made a difference for the teachers in our future!
I wish I could see the commercial and see you in action-literally.
You and I are in the same boat with this working out thing. I have been walking-incline and high speed- for 3 miles 6 days a week and eating differently (not what or as much as I want) for just over 2 weeks now. I've lost only 4 pounds. UGH! I feel like, for the effort, I should look like a supermodel. Jordan, like your sweet Matt, says he can tell a difference. But, maybe he just doesn't want to get punched in the nose. Oh well.
I hope it won't rain on you guys for Easter. Can't wait to see the girls dresses!! We are having services outside and were told to bring lawn chairs or blankets. Excited about that but SAD the kids won't get to wear their Easter outfits. You know I'll still get pics of them in it, though!! Ha ha.

Kim said...

Congratulations-longest comment I've ever left anyone.

Holly Aytes said...

Haven't checked our weather yet but these kids are wearing their matching easter outfits even if it comes a blizzard :) I too am on the weight thing and some months are great and other months not so great. And don't worry about forgetting Teacher Appreciation Week...I wouldn't have known about it if Taylor's school news letter for April hadn't of mentioned it. I don't know if they observe it at preschool. Would love to see that commercial, let us know if you can ever view it online :)

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