Thursday, April 02, 2009


After 15 seasons, ER is closing its doors. I'm sad.

I know, I know, many people think that this show has seen its better days. It is long past due for the series finale.

I agree, it is time. But, I am still sad.

When Nora was first born, I sat on the couch...for most of the day, nursing her. I watched a tremendous amount of television.

My favorite re-runs to watch? ER. And I watched them ALL. Probably twice.


I will cry tonight as I watch the final minutes. I will be sad next Thursday when it does not come on.

This will not be the first time I have cried while watching ER. Here are a few times, off the top of my head:

  • When Carol Hathaway had her twins
  • When Carol went to Seattle to be with Doug
  • When Mark Green died
  • When Abby and Luca got married
  • When Greg Pratt died
  • When Abby left the show
  • When Neela left the show
  • When Neela's husband died
  • When Ray was injured
  • When Susan's sister took little Susie back
  • When Peter Benton's ex-wife died

And so many more.

I will miss you County General. You have made my Thursday nights full of drama, for the better.

Do you love/have loved ER? What were some of your favorite moments?


Holly Aytes said...

I was going to post about my love for ER but haven't yet. I have watched the show since it began 15 yrs ago and I too have watched many a rerun. It is my favorite show and I am not sure what I will do with myself on Thursday nights. I bawled like a baby the whole night. I have so many named most of them. I cried when Carter and Kim's baby died, dr romano left, when luca and carter were in africa, and so many more. This is the only show I have continously loved! I am wearing black tomorrow b/c it is like I have lost some of my best friends :)

Holly Aytes said...
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Traci said...

What about when Carter and Lucy got stabbed by that psycho? I was scared for months after that!!

Kelli said...

I haven't watch ER in a long time but I remember some of those sad moments. That is hard when a favorite show ends. It's how I felt when Friends ended.

Keisha said...

Aww someone stole mine. I remember the Carter and Lucy thing well.

TeamBortzfield said...

I haven't watched in 12 years but I watched the finale last night. It was such a tear jerker. The lady with twins who died, the old woman who died and her husband got in the bed with her, the alcohol coma girl, Rachel Green representing the spirit of Anthony Edwards. It was a lot to cram into 2 hours. Goodbye ER

Jenn said...

I am so still going to post about this, too...ER has been my favorite show for all 15 years. Aaron thinks it is so funny that I was tearing up watching the previews for the final show. I cried like a big stinkin' baby the whole time last night....They didn't mention Lucy though...I was sad about that, that episode was horrible and so scary. I also remember the episode where Peter's nephew died...rough! I can't hear the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and not think of Mark and the episode where he died. It was the best and the worst episode, all at the same time.
I too, am mourning the loss of ER and if I have to watch another stinkin' preview for "Southland" I'm going to be mad!! Of course, Aaron has already set it to record for next week...He's already trying to find me a replacement for my beloved ER.....

Kathryn said...

Great list of ER memories! Some other favorite episodes include when Carter's grandmother died and pretty much every Christmas "miracle" episode they would do. I loved the finale last night, but missed Abby and Luca. It's been fun seeing so many of the old characters these last few episodes. At least we'll still have lots of re-runs!

Amy said...

I gave up ER a few years ago, but when Carol goes to Seattle to find Doug . . . one of the best TV moments ever. Ahhh, George Clooney.

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