Monday, April 06, 2009

Nora, Nora, Nora

Oh, this girl...she keeps me on my toes!

Nora has had so many great days recently. Being as sweet as can be, great big sister, loving on her parents, obeying, just about nearly perfect.

Then, Sunday, after I picked her up from Sunday School class, she threw the biggest fit I have ever witnessed.

I'm pretty sure steam was shooting out of my ears as I, literally, drug her through the church to get to our car.

-mom holding smiling 18-month-old 25-pound little girl with one arm, one large "church bag" and purse slung over one shoulder, grasping SCREAMING 3-year-old under the armpit with full force walking through a crowded church lobby-

Good times.

By the time I got her to the car, threw her into her seat, and got into the driver's seat, I was shaking.

I was so embarrassed that I just had to do that. And I rarely get embarrassed by her actions in public.

When we got home, Matthew took her into her room for a talk and a spanking. And she was fine after that.

That girl is a mystery to me sometimes.

Anyway, I tell that story to tell about something that happened at school today.

Nora always takes her blanket and something else (stuffed animal, doll, etc.) to sleep with at naptime. Today she took her blanket and a pink stuffed bear.

When I went to pick her up, the teacher told me that Nora had shared her bear with another little girl because the other girl wanted it. Then the teacher told me that she rarely sees children this age be so good with sharing.

Her words: I don't know what you are doing at home, but it seems to be working.

I guess she wasn't at church Sunday to witness our "good parenting" in action.

Thankfully she saves the really bad behavior for me and Matthew.
When we took away Nora's pacifier in November she started getting up after we put her to bed.

Not just once, not just twice, sometimes she would get up 6-7 times. Grrrrr.

It is was the craziest thing. We offered to lay down with her and she DID NOT want that. She wanted to be alone in her bed. We would have her sit beside us on the couch, to read a book with her, and she DID NOT want that either. She would start crying, saying, "I want to go to bed!". But no matter how many times we put her back to bed, threatened a spanking if she got up again, spanked her, she continued to do it night after night.

After a month or so, it slowed down and she only got up once or twice.

I thought, maybe she no longer needs an afternoon nap...maybe that will help. It just made her grumpy...and me.

Then, last weekend, Matthew and I thought, how about music? She loves to sing. Howabout we let her listen to some music...
And so far, so good! Now, when I lay her down, I say, "If you get up, I'll turn off your music." And she knows that I mean it, so she hasn't gotten up! YEA PRINCESS MUSIC!
She loves Elyn and is such a good big sister!
She is constantly concerned with her and wanting to play with her. She loves her so much! Oh sure, they fight and scream at each other and pester one another. But, Nora is so sweet to Elyn the majority of the time.

Just a little about my big girl. She makes me laugh over the things she says, every day! Today at school, they made of list of things they were thankful for. Here is her list:
-Noah and the card
-the ocean (we are going to the ocean and she can hardly wait!)
-the baby chicks
-little sister

I hope to do a post soon on the funny things she says. I just have to remember them and write them down.

Thank you for keeping life interesting, Nora! I love you!


Marty Rhea Hill said...

I love the last photo. What does Nora have on?

Holly Aytes said...

Your little girls are precious! Funny how they act so different. Madison's preschool teachers say she is the sweetest child who they never have to correct....where is this child at my house is what I want to say to them however I just smile and say "thank you' :) I have been keeping a notebook on my computer desk and one in the car so I can write down the things Madison says b/c I too plan on doing a post about them :)

Kim said...

That Nora!! Thanks for the tip about the music!!!

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