Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer Request

More Easter pictures to come, but first...

Matthew's Papa is in the hospital right now. He fell on Friday at the retirement him and Grandma live at. They went ahead and admitted him to the hospital yesterday.

Matthew's Uncle John, a cardiologist in Searcy, told Matthew's dad that Papa is very weak and is not doing well.

Matthew left this morning to go to Searcy to see his Papa. He called and said that Papa is having a better day today, but still on oxygen.

Papa is such a wonderful man and has a very, very special place in Matthew's heart. Matthew grew up with his grandparent's being in the same town. All through high school, and especially in college, Matthew would visit his grandparents multiple times during the week- just to visit, eat a meal, discuss sports or do little odd jobs for P and G.

Please pray for Papa and the he recovers from his fall. Also, please pray for Matthew as he travels home tonight.

Thank you.


Rachel said...

Will do!

Holly Aytes said...

Will be praying for him and Matthew as he travels.

April said...

Know that we are praying.

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