Saturday, April 04, 2009

Super Saturday

I love this weekend! The temperature outside is fantastic (although incredibly windy. I bet, next to Chicago, we live in the most windy place in the US-seriously) and we have had no real plans. Perfect.

Last night we had our friends, the Balentines, over for dinner. Once again, Nora surprised me with her love of babies. She couldn't get enough of Warren and insisted on kissing him about 10 times before they left.

Then, after the girls had their baths, the three of us gathered around a computer screen to watch some Annie YouTube action. Nora could have sat there all night watching and listening. (Anyone wanting a present idea for Nora-Annie soundtrack will earn you major points).

Today, the four of us loaded up to shoe shop and see the Easter Bunny. We went to the outdoor mall that we have here, hoping to see the bunny (this is where we get our pics with Santa made each year) and sadly, Mr. Bunny (or as Nora kept saying, Mommy Bunny) was not there. Thankfully, there was a carousel that we could ride on. An overpriced carousel, in my opinion. But, we definitely got our money's worth-that thing went on forever!

When the girls lay down for their nap, I headed off to the store. But not just ANY store...

We have recently gotten a new Target in our neck of the woods. I don't know, maybe it's been open a month. Today was my first time to visit. And that is saying A LOT! About four years ago, a new Wal-Mart opened up, about 7 minutes from our house and a mere 3 minutes from where I was working. The very first day the doors opened for business, I was there. I remember, I bought a pair of pants and got a pedicure. When I walk by the nail place, 4 years later, the nail techs still call out, "Hi Dallas, you come back?". Nope, sorry, but I miss you! And so do my toes!
Anyway, right before Target opened, Matthew and I got serious about our budget and broke out the envelopes. Basically, we have a bunch of envelopes that money goes into (one for groceries, one for entertainment, one for clothing, etc.) and when the money is gone, you have to wait until the next paycheck comes around to fill it up again.
It's kind of brutal, but it works! I now know where each and every penny goes. And I really enjoy the challenge of MAKING it work. The best is when there is money left at the end of the month! (BTW, the envelope system is not new to us...just re-introduced :) ).
I went today with a mission (and a peptalk to myself not to veer away from the mission). I enjoyed walking up and down the aisles, all alone, looking at everything, and pushing the sleek cart.
Great time had!
One thing I did purchase at Target was something new for Elyn...
a booster seat! (Actually, the one she is sitting in is Nora's...Nora wanted to use the new one. Whatever.)
This is really more of a treat for me than it is for Elyn. The one "baby" item that I loathe more than any other is the highchair. I understand the necessity for it and its usefulness, but I HATE IT! It is a monster and constantly needs to be cleaned. Our eating area is not very large and the highchair makes it much smaller.
But now it is in the garage and our entire family is sitting around the table.
Carousel, Target, getting rid of the really was a SUPER SATURDAY!


Sara said...

Oh how I miss Target. Seriously one big adjustment for living in a small town is fun shopping places. BIG adjustment!! We also do the envelope system to keep us in line. I just recently went back to comparison shopping at Walmart and using couponmom website and have really been able to save $20+ each grocery trip! You should give it a try!

Summer said...

Okay, it goes without saying after my last post that I am super proud of you for not being swallowed up by Target. It is a hard fight to not fill your cart with all the great deals!
We are planning to start the envelopes. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Dallas said...

I agree with the whole loathing the high chair!
I too was glad to send that thing off to the great beyond!!

Amy said...

I also LOVE Annie and HATE the highchair.

Danielle Balentine said...

Thus the reason for the 3 in one high chair. So far, so good. I think it is going to work out. Great post. Enjoyed the pics. BTW, I published a new post. One that I have needed to post for awhile, but I finally got it done.

Lane said...

Oh the lovely joys of the envelope system...ugh! I'm glad you finally made it to were seriously missing out! :)

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