Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I appreciate you!

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day to my favorite teacher...Mr. Henderson. (Sorry it's one day late, honey)

I know that people think teachers have the "easiest" jobs around. I mean, come on, they get 8 weeks off in the summer, a two-week vacation during the winter, a week off in the spring, several days off over Thanksgiving. The workday is 7am-3pm and you do the same thing year after year after year.

Easiest job on the planet...right?

Wrong! It's not the easiest and definitely not for everyone.

And, in my opinion, I am married to one of the best. And one of the most humble.

Let me tell you a little about why I appreciate him so much.

His work day actually begins about a half an hour before all the other teachers. He does detention each and every morning to earn a little extra money for our family. I'm sure you can imagine that detention is not the "creme de la creme" of students and occasionally I worry about his safety with a hostile student. (I don't need that phone call.) But, he goes, every day without complaint.

He teaches math (gag!) and LOVES it. He really tries to have meaningful conversations and relationships with his students. Which, I cannot imagine trying to do with 8th grade people, but he truly enjoys it.

He also teaches for Harding one night a week. This summer, he is teaching two. Although teaching these classes increases his workload and his time away from home, he does it for the love of teaching and because he really wants those students to learn.

I could not appreciate him more. He allows me to stay at home with our girls, something we both think is extremely important.

As a "retired" teacher, I remember how tiring a day surrounded by students and demands could be. I loved coming home at the end of a day and just collapsing and putting my feet up. That rarely happens for Matthew though. The second he walks in door he usually has two small girls running at him, screaming "DADDY!" and demanding his time and attention. And he NEVER complains about that. (Especially when I collapse on the couch and put my feet up.)

He doesn't just teach 8th grade and classes for Harding though. He also co-teaches a Sunday school class at church. I love sitting in class when he is leading it. At least once, every time he teaches, I learn something and am amazed at his knowledge of the Bible. I am thankful for the Spiritual leader/teacher he is.

So, my favorite teacher, if your students forget to tell you they appreciate you, if you get no gifts this year, if you feel like you are not making a difference...know this-I think you are the best teacher, I love you more than anything, I know that our girls will be so proud of you as they grow up and witness what a fabulous teacher you are...

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!


April said...

That's a great post, Dallas! I enjoyed reading it. Excellent pic of Matthew, too!! :)

Kim said...

This is precious, Dallas. How wonderful that Matthew is this type of teacher and that he gives so much of himself in different areas of teaching. Most of all that he's a spiritual leader for his family. And, how wonderful his wife acknowledges this and appreciates him! This put a big smile on my face.

~aj~ said...

That is incredibly sweet. I'm sure it means so much to Matthew!

Laura said...

Look at you bragging on your man! You go, girl!!

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