Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let's review...

Congratulations, you weigh 117 pounds. That is TINY! I'm impressed.
You should be so proud, look how far you have come. I cannot believe it!

And Tara/Taara, you came a long way too! I really thought you would win. I mean, you were unstoppable this season. You won TWELVE challenges and NEVER went below the yellow line. I bet you are sad today. But, with your new body...

I bet you start modeling and make $250,000. You look beautiful...and happy.

And Kristin, I shed a tear or two when I saw your current weight. GOOD FOR YOU! You were my favorite, all season! You have such a good attitude and I loved your accent. Keep it up girl!
Okay, so last nights' finale was a tad long (really, 3 hours, was that necessary?). I missed seeing the final four at home, getting ready for the finale. But, instead we got to see the two random girls running on the treadmill-I could have done without that too.

Overall, I loved the show. I CANNOT believe Jerry won the 100,000 dollars. And he did it AT HOME. Loved that!

I fast forwarded through Joelle. I cannot stand to hear her talk! She makes absolutely NO SENSE at all. I really can't hear her. But, she did lose 80 pounds, so good for her. And Carla, bless her heart for getting a partner like Joelle, really did a great job on her own.

David...oh David, you lost 10% of your body weight. TEN PERCENT! And Daniel, the largest player ever lost over 30%!!!!!!! How awesome! AND he said that he still has a lot of weight to lose. How can they be partners? Obviously one of them was motivated and one wasn't. Do you think David felt bad last night? Or motivated?

And let's talk for a minute about Allison Sweeney's dress....FABULOUS! I want one in every color! She has the greatest stylist!

Mike and Ron looked AWESOME. I think Max (the brother) should be on the new season, wouldn't that be great!

Nicole and Damien, love that couple. She is so fit and so pretty. I'm happy she gets to wear a size 8 wedding dress.

Sione and Filipe danced for us one last time and it was GREAT!

Did you feel bad for Aubrey? I did. I don't think she has lost any weight since she went home. Poor girl. I mean, she has 5 kids...that must be so hard to work out. Mandi looked great though.

And finally, the rhyming cousins, Blaine and Dane. They have been busy lately, 1/2 marathon, full marathon, and 1/2 ironman. Impressed!

I imagine it will be hard to maintain these new weights now that life will go back to normal for them. I really hope though that none of them got back to the "before" image! They all are inspirations!


Kelli said...

Man, I wanna look like Tara. I don't watch the show but I'm so impressed with how they lose the weight. Maybe I should enter...

TeamBortzfield said...

I loved and watched every minute of the show. I can't believe Helen won I was sure it would be Tar-a! Mike looked great too but his clothes were too tight, I know he wanted to show his body but he looked funny. That poor fat orange team I felt bad for that guy but Jerry and Estella were amazing, I'm so glad they won!

Lisa said...

I was so glad Jerry won the at home prize. It is amazing he did it with being at the ranch for only 2 weeks, plus being 63. (I am glad I am not the only one who thought Mike looked funny in his tight clothes.)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

don't watch the show, do I have no clue about half the stuff you were talking about, BUT that chick who now weighs 117 lbs? what's my excuse? thats RIDICULOUS! i'm totally impressed. I have no excuse once baby no. 3 is here. and let's just say I hope those people keep it off. Usually they don' least I saw a dude on Oprah who blew back up. bless him.

Holly Aytes said...

That has been on e of my all time favorite shows! I was rooting for Tara the whole time and am sad she didn't win. I would like to know how Helen lost another 30 lbs once she was home (I am think she did lipo, diet pills or something but could be wrong). I think Jerry looked great but they need to take some of the money and have "excess skin removal surgery" (and Helen too). I know the skin issues are due to age and rapid weight but the saggy skin is kinda gross (never could look at Mike when he had his shirt off just grossed my out. Can't wait for next season :)

Whitney said...

I was so impressed with all of them- but I really wanted Tara to win! Mike also looked great too- he's gonna be picking up the ladies now :)

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