Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here it is...for the next two weeks:

Monday (25th)-carry over from last menu-Italian Pasta Bake, lima beans, salad (for lunch, we are having a picnic for dinner)

Tuesday (26th)-tostados, southwestern style rice, mandarin oranges

Wednesday (27th)-tuna sandwiches, apple slices, chips

Thursday (28th)-County-Style Pork Loin, green beans with almonds, egg noodles

Friday (29th)-Baked Tilapia with brown butter, peas, baked potatoes

Saturday (30th)-taking food to friends (zesty chicken enchiladas, spanish rice, mexicorn, brownies), DATE NIGHT

Sunday (31st)- sandwiches (lunch), Bible Study (dinner)

Monday-Thursday-the girls and I are going to Texas so Matthew is on his own (leftovers, meatball subs, frozen pizza-he won't starve)

Friday (5th)-hamburgers, tator tots, grilled corn on the cob

Saturday (6th)-crispy chicken cutlets with creamy romaine salad, broccoli

Sunday (7th)-leftovers/Bible Study

1 comment:

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I have GOT to get on the ball with this menu plan jazz. I think I'll start by copying yours ;)

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