Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

Now, here it is...finally, I can quit worrying about posting about Mother's Day. (My favorite part of my blog is the scrapbook that it is. Since I do an awful job writing in baby books, this takes the place of that. When I don't post about certain events, I am sad when I go back to the archives and realize I don't have documentation of it.)

Can you hear it...*GULP*, swallowing my pride, and showing the World Wide Web this picture. It's not the worst picture I could show you, but considering my face is still "nighttime puffy" and my hair is hanging in wet strings around my face, it's not the best.
This is me and my gift...a house. When I took the roof off, it was filled with other goodies-a bucket and shovel from Nora, a boomarang from Elyn, a new book, a pedi gift certificate and two random pieces of wood. I asked Matthew what those pieces of wood were (still wondering why my gifts were put in a house he made). He told me that the pieces of wood were supposed to be attached to the roof-they were a fiddle. He got me Fiddler on the Roof tickets!!!! How creative is my husband?

Me and my family

My sweet oldest daughter...what a blessing!

She's also quite the lady-ha ha ha!

My mischievous baby girl...another blessing!

I love this picture because it appears like she doesn't want to leave my side, which she didn't-she wanted to be right next to me. But, what I really love is that she is being "typical Elyn" and picking the petals off of the flower and throwing it all over the lobby of church.

Sunday morning, we drove to Fort Smith to attend church with Matthew's mom and grandma. His sister, Julia, and her family also were there. Here is Julia with Noah on her first Mother's Day. (They passed out carnations to all the moms at church)

Noah looks pretty comfortable here, huh? The best one of the cousins.

After church, we went back to Matthew's grandma's house for lunch. While we were waiting for the food to get done, I showed Brian how to use the Baby Bjorn. Noah was eating, so he couldn't do the demo...we used Elyn instead. This picture is so funny! Elyn looks like she is saying bad things to me in her head...I guess this is the face I will see when she is 16.

Gram and her grandchildren.

Matthew's grandma and my girls. They insisted on helping open her gifts.

Gram opening her gift from all of her kids/kids-in-law/grandkids. We are taking her to the beach for a family vacation! Only 35 more days!

It was a fabulous Mother's Day! I am so thankful for my own mom...I pray that I show my girls the kind of love she has shown me and my sister through the years-I love you mom!
I am also thankful for my mother-in-law...thank you for raising such a wonderful son. He is the greatest blessing in my life!
I am of course thankful to carry the title "Mom". It has been my pleasure and my great honor to be a mom to Nora and Elyn. This is such a hard job and such a wonderful job. I am, daily, amazed that they are mine. It's still so hard to believe! I love them both so much.
Happy Mother's Day!


Karie said...

First off, Happy Mother's day! Your family did a great job at making it really special. Second...Brian looks like he has pig tails with big white bows!! I couldn't stop laughing at the positioning of his head with the light! Just wandered if you noticed...

Chandra said...

What a wonderful mother's day! WOW, that was an awesome gift!

Kim said...

Fiddler on the roof-that's creative and yay for Matthew!
Your family is just beautiful. I laugh when you write about your girls-so funny.

Holly Aytes said...

I have to agree with Karie it does look like Brian has pigtails/bows :) Glad you had such a great Mother's Day...your girls are precious :) And love the creative way you received your present!

mom said...

thank you Dallas! you made me cry! Yea to Matthew for the wonderful gift and creativity. And, I agree w/ Karie also about the ears. I love you and happy mother's day!


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