Thursday, May 21, 2009

Love/Hate problem

Yummy! Doesn't that look good? This was our dinner tonight.

I love when we get to start grilling out! We have a charcoal grill, which is a bit high-maintenance, but gives really good flavor. Each summer we say we need a gas grill, but we've never gotten one. I have decided that it is high time for me to start sharing in the grilling process. (I've discovered it's not that hard.)

As much as I love grilling, I HATE the flies! HATE. THE. FLIES.

I feel like I fight the fly battle all summer long. Yelling at everyone to "SHUT THE DOOR, YOU'RE LETTING FLIES IN" to keeping a tally of how many I kill in a day.

We hung a bag of water above our backdoor, hoping that will help some. But what other tricks do you have for keeping the flies to a minimum?
Eating on our patio is also a favorite of mine. However, I feel like I am doing an arm workout the entire time we are eating trying to keep the flies off of our food. Any ideas for that?
Help me love my outdoor eating! And help me keep the flies OUT of my house.


Kim said...

I'm anxious to get the tips-my kids are TERRIFIED of flies! I just hate having them fly into the house.

Karie said...

You could hire me! If you remember I was the best fly killer on KP at camp for years. I would total in the hundreds daily! As long as I could wear my red apron, fly swatter in pocket, and whistle a little tone to an old western. I'm yours!

Holly Aytes said...

I am hoping you get some good advice from others on this topic as I hate flies too and have no idea how to get rid of them. What does the bag of water do? Haven't heard that before, will be giving it a try. We love to grill in the summer and just got a new grill last year....can't beat end of season clearance on those type of things.

Julie said...

i too hate flies! i feel like i kill at least 3 a day! i don't know how they get in. i am a professional fly killer now! i can kill one while it's flying. all i need is a good kitchen towel! bailey is petrified of flies! i am not sure why, but he won't even play outside if he sees a fly out there!

mom said...

I have two ideas:

1) A local restaurant (Ocean Rock) has outdoor seating. Hanging from the patio ceiling are bags of water (you go Dallas) but they have pennies in them. Just a few. Supposedly, this helps keep the flies away.

2) We have been enjoyed many meals on our newly finished covered patio. The flies were in the way (but my arms loved the workout) and so I turned on the overhead ceiling fans. It seems to help "blow" the flies away. So, knowing ya'll don't have your patio cover (yet), plug in an oscillating fan and see if that helps (at least some).

Glad to share my aged wisdom! Mom

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