Tuesday, July 28, 2009

future roller derby queen?

A few years ago, Wal-Mart had a sidewalk sale. I was able to pick up several things for almost nothing. One of those items was a pair of trainer/in-line kid skates.

At the time, Nora was barely walking so I knew it would be awhile before she would be able to use them.

Fast forward several years and we have today.

Matthew pulled the skates down from the attic about a week ago. We showed them to Nora and said that when we got her a helmet and knee/elbow pads she could use them. I picked up the necessary safety equipment last night.


As soon as Matthew got home this afternoon we all headed outside for Nora's skating debut.

Getting ready...safety first!

The skate looks as big as her whole leg
Hey mom, I don't know if this is a good idea. You know how I can get.
Seriously, I'm not kidding.
And they're up!
A little wobbly...
Starting to hate the skates...and us for making her try them out.
"I told you this was NOT going to be a good idea. You guys never listen to me!"
Please don't make me go any further...
I'm done...
You can't make me go!
Now look at me...I fell down. And probably need a band-aid.
What are you doing daddy? Are you making me go all the way back home (5 feet away)?
don't let go, don't let go, don't let go, don't let go
That was not fun
I don't want to do that again. EVER.

So, as you can see...probably a good thing she is not a child of the 80's. She is not going to be begging us to take her to the roller rink anytime soon.


Laura said...

My immediate thought when I read your blog post title was, "Oh no." and I was right! :) ha

Julia said...

There's always Elyn

Holly Aytes said...

Loved that post! We too are the type of parent who forces our child to try something....we are normally meet with the same response. Teaching Taylor to ride a bike w/o training wheels was the toughest thing....we all were frustrated by the end. Maybe Elyn will love it!

Amy said...

I'm sorry, but I'm kind of laughing. Not at you, I promise. Just imagine if every new experience went that way. That's my life. Well, not everyone, but a lot of them. And you just have to laugh. I'm SO glad you took photos.

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