Monday, July 20, 2009

I remember when I wore that.

My friend, Lane, came over today to borrow some maternity clothes. I have a million pieces of maternity clothing due to a very generous mother and friends who no longer need them. FOUR tubs of clothes. It's a tad ridiculous, but I share. I think I have helped clothe 4 or 5 other pregnant women.

As Lane and I were going through the tubs I had so many memories come back to me.

I don't usually have strong memory ties to clothing. (Definitely not the current clothing in my closet). But, pulling out the maternity clothes triggered tons of memories. It seemed like I could remember where I had worn each piece.

It was funny because these were pleasant memories for me. I remember always hating my maternity clothes at the end of my pregnancies. And I certainly never felt as cute as I thought the clothes were today. Funny how the mind works.

So, swallowing my pride and taking a trip down memory lane, here is a photo scrapbook of some of my maternity clothes.

Pregnant with Nora: at my cousin Clint's wedding. I love this dress and wish it wasn't maternity because I would wear it for every nice event.

pregnant with N: about to get family pics taken. The only thing maternity that I have on here is the skirt. LOVE THIS SKIRT!!!! I bet I could wear it as non-maternity...

Preg with N: I wore this dress a lot during this pregnancy. I always got a ton of compliments when I wore it so I guess I looked cute in it.

Preg with N: Christmastime...I really like those jeans. Sadly, my rear-end expanded so much during my first pregnancy that I was unable to wear them while I was preg with E. Nice.
Preg with N: You can't see this skirt very well but it is FABULOUS! This is the day of my school shower and the little cutie in the picture is a kindergartener who had made me the crown for my shower.
Barely preg with E: I loved that shirt. It was maternity and perfect for the transition period (which was only about 5 seconds long for see the thing about getting pregnant 11 months after you have a baby is that your stomach still remembers what it is supposed to look like pregnant and resumes that look as quick as possible). Side note: In this picture is me, Nora, my sister, my dad and my grandmother, Mommee. Mommee passed away Friday afternoon. She was 82 and had lived in a nursing home for 3 years. She was very ill and ready to go. I am flying to Texas tomorrow be at her funeral. We will miss her!
Preg with Elyn: Easter. NONE of my clothes fit this Easter and I was struggling to find something to wear that made me look pregnant and not fat. I found this little masterpiece and snatched it up. And doesn't it look like Nora is floating in the air?
OBVIOUSLY preg with E: Okay, I don't like how I look in this picture, but I LOVED those pants. They were so comfortable I could wear them almost my entire pregnancy...mainly because I had stretched them out.

Preg with E: I felt so pretty in this outfit. I loved that shirt because I felt like it covered up my rear-end...which was good because of all the spreading that had occurred.
One day before Elyn arrived in this world: Nice profile, huh. Could my stomach be any bigger? There was an 8 pound baby in there. (And a lot more pounds distributed around the rest of my body.) This shirt was a gift from the maternity clothes gods. Even though I weighed close to 500 pounds, as soon as I put on this tunic, I felt a smidgen of cuteness come over me. And you can barely see my shoes...they were the ONLY shoes that I could slide my sausage feet into. I can't wear them this summer (or last) because they are about 16 sizes too big from all the stretching.
Wow. That is a lot of change to my body. I told Matthew, after going through the clothes today, that I needed to lose some weight before we decided to have another baby so I could get into the maternity clothes. (okay, a bit of an exaggeration, I bet I could wear the yellow shirt right now.)
Do any of you have memories while pulling out old clothes?
And, if any of you saw something you liked, I will be getting rid of all clothes after our next child is born. I'm not THAT attached to them!


Sherry Linda said...

Actually Mom was 84 yrd andone day when she passed away. See you Tuesday!!xo

Marty Rhea Hill said...

You are gorgeous!!!!! You always look unbelievable when you are pregnant. I loved going down memory lane. In that last photo, I remember thinking how big Nora was but now I realized was a baby she was. So cute!!!! Love the post.

Lisa said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. Be safe traveling.

You were a very cute pregnant woman. Not everyone looks that good while being pregnant.

Karie said...

It is a bit sad to think I will never be pregnant again b/c it was nice to show off the belly when now all I do is try to hide it. PW's always glow because of the life inside their bellies...what a blessing! I loved the pictures b/c I only got to see you once pregnant.

The Laird's said...

I did the same thing today, went through my clothes to let a friend borrow, it is neat to go back and remember wearing them!

Keisha said...

I was just thinking about the same thing. I saw a friend wearing a pair of maternity jeans that she had loaned me.

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

You are one of those very cute pregnant people! Hate you/love you all at the same time!

Lane said...

Thanks so much again Dallas! You will be seeing most of the same clothes on me that you posted here, in the next couple of months! :)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I am so impressed that you actually found all these pics! how cute. i would steal that black skirt!

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