Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it's not a's a lifestyle...blah, blah, blah

Sooooo...another post about the never-ending battle to lose weight. I hope none of you think I am obsessed with this. And if you do, well, you're wrong. You can quit reading.

Oh, I kid, continue reading...I'm happy for you to read also.

A few years ago some of my family members joined Weight Watchers. After joining several phrases were constantly heard around the house. "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle", "If you fail to plan then you plan to fail", ""Set small goals, they are attainable".

I heard these phrases so often that they are now part of my occasional conversations.

When I signed up with Calorie Counters back in the spring I remembered these mantras and stuck with them.

I have had slooooooooooooooow progress, but progress. I have lost about 7 pounds and have 3 more to go before I reach my first goal. (And if I quit going on vacation and out of town so much then I might actually reach my first goal...sigh.)

The main thing I realized when I started making an effort to watch what I eat was that I was taking in more calories than I should have been...way more. Apparently I was trying to out eat linebackers and defensive ends.

Again, I kid.

Another thing that I learned (well, okay, that's a lie, I already knew this about myself) was that I HAD to eat 3 meals a day PLUS snacks. I'm not one of those people who can skip breakfast and eat again at dinner. I CANNOT skip meals. Doesn't it say somewhere in the Bible that "thou shalt eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner"? I'm just trying to follow commands. I tend to not be in a jolly mood if I miss a meal (ask Matthew) and my head hurts. So, I try not to miss mealtimes.

Because of this "quirk" I have, it was f(and is) necessary for me to write down what I was eating. It helped (and helps) me keep track of how many calories I have used during the day.

And here are some of the foods that have helped me lose the 7 pounds.

I eat a hard boiled egg EVERY SINGLE MORNING. The egg (along with two pieces of wheat toast) keep me full all the way until lunch time. I look forward to my morning egg when I get out of bed every day.

One cup of grapes is 62 calories. Yummy refreshing snack!

Apple and caramel sauce:

EVERY SINGLE NIGHT I have an apple, sliced, with a tablespoon of caramel sauce. It takes the edge off my desire for a huge piece of cake or a big ole bowl of ice cream. Really, it does. I'm not lying to you.
These almonds are DELICIOUS! Just typing this is making me crave some. AND, almonds are very filling.
Laughing cow cheese:
One wedge is 35 calories and is really nice on my morning toast or it often acts as the mayo on turkey sandwiches.
Speaking of turkey sandwiches, I usually eat one at lunch. I have been buying this sub kit and a piece of turkey and a piece of ham, together, is 60 calories. It makes a nice sandwich.
Can I get a show of hands on how many of you LOVE this white cheddar popcorn? Oh my goodness...I love, love, love it! AND you can buy it in 100 calorie packs.
String cheese:
Yummy. This is a great afternoon snack and only 50 calories. It's perfect for on the go eating.
Diet coke:
Really, I don't need to elaborate. My love for this beverage is hard to describe. I would drink it even if I was trying to GAIN weight, so really, it's not fair for me to put it on my "weight-loss list".
This has been my "secret-weapon". Whenever I feel the urge to eat something sweet I immediately reach for my gum. And, for me, it has to be cinnamon flavored!
Not the most exciting weight-loss tool, but important. I try to only use it once a week (because if I used it everyday I would be a crazy woman and stress if I gained weight every day). It keeps me accountable and makes the dances of joy possible when I have lost pounds (or ounces).
I have also found these websites helpful in my planning dinners. They offer nutritional information with the recipes which makes it easier for me to stay within my calorie target for each day:, and
And finally, it's important to have "cheat" days. How boring would it be to never eat the piece of cake or the big bowl of ice cream? When Matthew and I were in San Antonio, I ate a ton of Mexican food (and gained a few pounds-but lost it the following week) and focused on having a good time instead of focusing on the calories.
Maybe, for some of you, this will be helpful information. I hope so. And really, it's not a is a lifestyle.


Holly Aytes said...

Congrats on losing 7 lbs. I too am trying to change my lifestyle not diet. It isn't always easy though. I am going to "steal" a few of your tips/food ideas. I too agree you have to cheat every once in a while (they even said that on The Biggest Loser). Keep up the good work :)

Sara said...

I am doing WW again. I'm doing it with a friend so that has helped me tremendously. Another great website is: It has the point value for restaurants.

Lane said...

Yeah on losing 7 lbs!! That is awesome! :) You look great Dallas!
Thanks for the tips because I always am looking for new snack/dinner ideas that are healthy! I am going to try out those websites!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

If I weren't biased because you are my sister, I would think you are the funniest person. I would totally want to meet you. YOU ARE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNY!!!!!

Mary Jo said...

Hey! nice going on the 7 lbs. Nice brand choice too!! Loosing is hard. I battle it everyday as well. Traveling makes it so difficult, so getting back here, the same things are clogging my mind as well. good luck dear!

Whitney said...

Congrats on your progress so far- 7 lbs in great! I appreciate your food suggestions- esp the snack ones (I do the apple one- with like 1/4 cup of caramel... no joke.) I am the same way as you- I DO NOT skip meals or snacks. EVER. All these moms that say they forget to eat b/c they are so busy with the kids- really? You FORGET to eat- well, not me. I love food. Anyway, thanks for the tips! I too do not weigh myself- hardly ever actually. Which could also explain why I weigh more than I ever have (with the exception of pregnancy.) I just don't think it's healthy to weigh everyday and freak out over a lb here or there. So you've motivated me- time to get myself in shape. Time to make some small & attainable goals! Thanks girl :)

KARMINA said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

No Dallas. I feel the same way. ;) I don't think youre obsessed. Props to you!

Sandi said...

I needed this, Dallas. I started trying to lose weight way back when ( a little after finding your post) but have been discouraged. It's HARD WORK. And I don't like it. But I really, really want to lose this weight. Thank you for the tips!

Kim said...

And, congratulations!

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