Sunday, July 05, 2009

Red, White, and GREEN

Uh oh! The dangers of swimming have hit us with full-force.

My very blonde girls...have green hair!

We have been swimming nearly every single day and I don't see an end to this fun any time soon.

I have looked on the internet and have found some suggestions on how to remove the green. BUT before I coat their hair with a mixture of tomato juice, conditioner, mayo and lemon juice, I thought I would come to you guys.

Any of you had green hair growing up? Do you have children with green hair?

Other than cutting their hair completely off, what should I do?

And I thought I wouldn't have to deal with weird hair colors until their teenage years.


mom said...

tomato juice worked for you. I love you, mom

Holly Aytes said...

we bought a special shampoo that our hairdresser recommended. i use it once a week and it keeps the green out. my tend to get green hair easy. you can use it everyday and might need to in order to get the green out and then just use it once a week to keep the green out. we swim everyday, all day as my parents have a pool so we can attest to this "swimmers shampoo" really working.

Keisha said...


Sara said...

We have green hair tendencies too. Growing up, I used a shampoo called "Ultra Swim". I think they still make it.

I now have a Redken shampoo for removing chlorine. It also helps to get your hair wet before you get into the pool and coat it with any kind of conditioner.

Laura said...

I used Ultra Swim when I was younger, too. I vote a trip to Walgreen's is in order. :)

Rachel said...

L'Oreal has a specific swim shampoo that is supposed to can get it at Walgreens!

April said...

I've not tried it yet, but I did get a free sample from of a triswim shampoo and conditioner that it supposed to take the green out. Mackenzie's hair turns very green when the pools have too much chlorine! :) Looks like you've gotten several great suggestions. Let us know how it works for you!

Traci said...

Wash hair with regular shampoo. Then put a paste of baking soda and water and let it stay on for as long as you can. Then wash hair again!

Tori has green hair every summer. We have also used special conditoner, but this seems to work really well.

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